Romantic Destinations All Around The World

The world is full of wonderful romantic destinations but some boast the edge when it comes to romance and an atmosphere of love. Not everyone’s idea of a romantic location is the same: some lovers prefer a city break, while others look for paradise on the beach. Whatever your preference, here are some ideas to get you thinking about your next vacation or even honeymoon.

City Escapes | Romantic Destinations

Many of the traditional romantic destinations that spring to mind when thinking about romantic locations are European cities like Rome, Paris and Venice, which all offer a distinctive romantic vibe, whether frequenting candle lit cafes, visiting historical and cultural sites or simply meandering the cities’ winding streets or, in Venice’s case, the canals.

However, there are other less obvious cities that boast an ambience conducive to passion, such as Buenos Aires and its thirst for tango and red wine, Amsterdam with its network of canals and cafes, or Marrakech with its labyrinth of streets and exotic markets.

Whether for a weekend or a week, there is something magical about a city break.

Beach Getaways

When people think of a honeymoon, most people think about lying on an idyllic fine powder beach in the Caribbean or basking on an island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by exotic wildlife. Beach getaways are certainly romantic, giving couples time to relax and fully appreciate their partners. Mexico also has a great reputation for lovers and romantics, with Puerto Vallarta’s immaculate beaches and resorts on the Pacific coast attracting honeymooners as well as Cabo San Lucus on the Baja California peninsula and Cancun in the Caribbean coming top amongst the world’s top beach destinations for couples.

Whatever continent you choose, a beach vacation will always provide romantics with cause to rejoice.

Colder Climates

Vacations in cooler climates can be very intimate and cosy, creating the setting for an intensely romantic vacation. Visiting the Chilean Fjords, navigating their glacial inlets or exploring the unique wonders of Patagonia offer once in a lifetime experiences for lovers to treasure forever, while skiing in Aspen, USA, or St. Moritz, Switzerland can provide a passionate opportunity to spend snowy nights nestled by a log fire. Romantic destinations such as Canada’s Lake Louise high in the rocky mountains or Lake Garda, in the north of Italy offer some of the most breathtaking settings for an lovers’ retreat.

Whatever your preference, the world is a stage of romantic destinations; what are you waiting for?


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