Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas

Do you want to enjoy a vacation where you can be pampered in a professional spa? If you do, you should go to Cabo San Lucas to visit the Desert Spa. There, you can enjoy a Mexico vacation and enjoy a spa treatment that will refresh your body, mind, and soul. The Desert Spa is located at the Villa del Arco, which is a luxury resort situated between the Villa del Palmar Cabo and Villa La Estancia.

Owned and operated by the Villa Group Resorts, the Desert Spa has a variety of wellness and beauty treatments that you can enjoy at an affordable price. The Villa del Arco is part of the Villa Group Resorts collection, and a popular choice for travelers that want an amazing vacation that won’t break the bank.

In the meantime, keep reading below to learn more about the Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas.

Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas

To start with, the Desert Spa in Cabo San Lucas offers guests a wide variety of numerous spa treatments which include facials, manicures, and pedicures. In today’s hectic world that passes by so quickly where we sometimes forget to make enough time for ourselves, smart and savvy travelers know how important it is to pamper themselves.

Plus, wellness and beauty treatments will make you look wonderful and feel truly amazing. In Mexico, you can be pampered for less money than in the United States or Canada. Some of the most popular treatments at the Desert Spa include manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials. Vacation is an excellent time to have “me time”.

If you will be going to Cabo San Lucas for a dream vacation in Baja California Sur soon, then make sure you make an appointment at the Desert Spa at Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas.

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Get Pampered at Villa del Arco

If you want to really relax and destress during your vacation to Mexico, you will find that it isn’t hard to get pampered at Villa del Arco. The Desert Spa has 31,000 spare feet and it is the largest spa in Baja California Sur. They have seventeen state-of-the-art treatment and wellness rooms, two VIP suites that have a private jacuzzi and showers, a beauty salon, a Hydrotherapy Circuit, a fitness center, and so much more.

The Desert Spa is a European style spa, and Villa del Arco resort was designed to look like an authentic Mexican hacienda that has earthy and neutral tones so everyone can relax immediately. Guests will instantly feel soothed with the natural light and the scents of Baja California. This space is very calming, but make sure you book a wellness treatment or a massage, so you can let go of all your stress.

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Desert Spa Fitness Center

Lastly, the Villa del Arco resort not only has the award winning Desert Spa onsite, but they also have an amazing fitness center, too. There, guests can still enjoy a heart pumping workout even while they are on vacation. The fitness center is 4,500 square feet in size, and they have all of the latest equipment available.

For example, they have seven treadmills, four elliptical bikes, three stationary bikes, ten strength training stations, a multipurpose weight station, and a yoga studio. They also provide lockers and showers for guests as well. If you want some personal attention, you can get that for a small fee, you can get a personal trainer, too.

Plus, the onsite restaurants are absolutely amazing and serve delicious foods and drinks that guests will love. Also, room service is available as well if you want to enjoy a meal in your beachfront suite – Are Timeshares in Mexico a Good Buy?

Will you be going to Cabo San Lucas for a vacation soon? If so, make sure you take some time to be pampered at the Desert Spa that is located between the Villa del Palmar and the Villa La Estancia at Villa del Arco. While you are there, why not sign up to attend a vacation club membership presentation? The Villa Group Resorts has an awesome timeshare ownership program for people who want to save money on future vacations.

Members get to save money on vacation expenses over time by locking in low rates for future vacations. Plus, Villa Group timeshare owners love having the guarantee that every vacation will always have quality beachfront accommodations and world class amenities, too.

Currently, low cost travel packages are on sale right now for a dream vacation to Cabo. What are you waiting for? Contact the Villa Group today to book your stay!