Why Join a Vacation Club?

There are a number of benefits associated with being a member of a vacation club, from discounts and flexible travel plans to value for money. The way a vacation club works is based on the timeshare model, but instead of buying a property, you buy points equivalent to a property, giving you the freedom and flexibility to vacation when and where you want at affordable prices. Most vacation clubs like RCI, Universal Vacation Club International or Interval International also offer timeshare property owners the opportunity to add their unit to the club’s inventory in exchange for points, making timeshare swapping a breeze.

One of the main advantages of joining a vacation club or purchasing a timeshare are the great destinations selected by expert prospectors. Only the best locations feature on timeshare inventories and you are guaranteed a wonderful location for an amazing vacation. Joining a vacation club also encourages you to use your points, ensuring that you take a vacation and therefore promoting quality time with family and loved ones.

Like the benefits of any timeshare scheme, the accommodations on offer with a vacation club are usually much more spacious than standard hotel rooms. They commonly include a kitchen and lounge areas so that you can fit the whole family comfortably. Having kitchen facilities also helps keep the cost of eating out while on vacation to a minimum for families on a budget.

Vacation clubs are renowned for their flexibility, as you exchange points for your accommodation, meaning you get to choose the dates, locations and types of units each time you travel rather than being limited to the same accommodation every time. In addition, you only pay for what you get, meaning you might stay for a weekend rather than a week in a more luxurious property or stay for two weeks in a more moderately priced unit. The key with vacation clubs is flexibility and hassle free vacations!

You can also make great savings with membership to a vacation club. In comparison to renting hotel rooms, the price of a week in a similar level of accommodation is usually much cheaper. Also, vacation clubs regularly offer special deals or have discounts in local stores and restaurants for members. In some cases there are even special offers with airlines.

The membership scheme of many vacation clubs also welcome timeshare owners who can add their property to the listings offered by the clubs. In those cases, the property is valued against set criteria in exchange for points towards another unit in a different location or at different dates. In effect, vacation clubs greatly facilitate the swapping process, uniting supply and demand effectively.


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