The Year Ahead for Timeshare

Greater client satisfaction is what to expect in 2017’s vacation club and timeshare industry. In terms of technology, expect that the timeshare industry will participate and innovate in the technological developments that lie ahead. This year will also bring about welcoming changes as the industry will adapt to the political transition in the United States. There will be changes that will affect the timeshare industry in the long run, but the outlook seems positive for the year ahead.

The Year Ahead for Timeshare

Here are some of the key development to look out for within the timeshare industry within the coming months.

Service Value

It seems clear from the development of key players that the vacation ownership market is shifting its focus towards greater service levels. Over recent years, higher levels of luxury have begun to shape the market and are attracting a new kind of consumer. Timeshares are offering more and more luxurious accommodations and privileges for members, with more services aimed at pampering and extraordinary services. The motto for 2017 is surely going to be “Show me the wow factor!”

Transformation and wellness

Timeshare owners don’t just want great accommodations, they want experiences. There is certainly a trend towards wellness inspired vacations and experiences that are transformational in some way with bucket-list activities becoming more and more popular. The year ahead is going to see more and more vacation clubs and timeshare providers promote these benefits within membership packages.

Smart Phones and Social Media

Blogging, regular email communication and social media are changing the shape of how timeshare companies interact with their members. Although the market still remains to be dominated by the baby boomer generation, more and more over 60s are becoming computer savvy. In terms of the future of this industry, there is no way to deny that technology needs to be at the forefront of developments for the next decade.

Politics and unrest

The changes in the political atmosphere of the United States this 2017 could perhaps bring with it some uncertainty for the timeshare industry and other tourist related business. However, the future still looks bright for the foreseeable future. Only time will tell.

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