Why Are Smaller Timeshare Companies Not the Best Option?

When investing in treasured memories and your future happiness it is important to get all the facts before you buy a timeshare. One question that buyers ask is about the difference between purchasing from an established Timeshare company rather than a smaller operator.

There are many reasons why smaller timeshare companies are not the best option and it is frequently the case that most of timeshare’s negative press comes from interactions with smaller companies or timeshare scams, which are small companies who masquerade as timeshare operators. One of the reasons for this is often related to the quality of the timeshare product itself. Larger companies have years of experience and expertise behind them and they have the formula honed to perfection about what makes a perfect vacation property. Smaller companies have to compete with long established operators and frequently have to resort to hard-sell methods or misleading freebies to attract clients.

Smaller timeshare companies are also more prone to financial instability, which is key in our current financial climate. The risk of solvency is amplified within a small-scale operation, whereas the bigger players are able to guarantee your investment and are fully covered. Additionally, it is much easier to sell-on your property at a later stage if you are associated with a larger company, who often have their own schemes to help you resell your timeshare should you so wish, or even upgrade.

The issue of flexibility and choice of properties is also another major factor that plays a part when choosing timeshare companies to buy with. Smaller companies often have a more limited repertoire and there are fewer opportunities to swap within the same company. You might also find that it is more difficult to select the dates you want during peak times if you are not signed into a fixed week scheme.

Finally, when parting with your hard-earned cash, reputation and reliability is what is important and many smaller companies are unable to fully guarantee your satisfaction. Established timeshare companies can be held responsible for any liabilities and are more likely to ensure customer satisfaction to maintain their longstanding, trustworthy reputation.


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