Can I avoid paying all inclusive fees in a timeshare?

Only in very rare cases would it be compulsory for you to pay all inclusive rates at a timeshare property. Timeshare, by its very nature usually offers owners the possibility of enjoying a self catering vacation and most timeshare units come complete with kitchen, dining rooms and all the mod cons for cooking within your home away from home. Insisting on an all inclusive package goes against the grain of timeshare.

Some timeshare properties are located on resorts that have all inclusive plans for their hotel guests and sometimes owners get confused by this option. In most cases, if a resort has all inclusive plans, then timeshare owners are invited to buy passes or vouchers if they wish to do so. However, in the majority of cases, these passes are not compulsory but rather intended to offer owners the option of enjoying the all inclusive provisions of the resort. Frequently, these passes can be for a limited number of days, say three or four or indeed for the length of your stay. Flexibility is the keyword with timeshare.



2 thoughts on “Can I avoid paying all inclusive fees in a timeshare?

  1. When you buy a timeshare, you have to make sure you understand all the terms and conditions established in the contract, like the obligation to pay timeshare annual maintenance fees.

  2. The truth is that the cost of owning a timeshare doesn’t just stop by paying the total purchase price. There are other timeshare fees that must be taken into consideration. By the time you pay the maintenance fees on your timeshare, plus the other fees and expenses, you’ll realize that you’ve paid as much, if not more, that the total cost to stay it a good and nice hotel.

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