What are Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Will you be traveling to Mexico in the near future? If this is your first tip to Mexico, then you will be in pleasantly surprised. The country has stunning natural beauty, and many visitors quickly fall in love with rich culture, beaches, and excellent weather. In addition, there are numerous outdoor activities that you can enjoy along with wondeful restaurants and world class shopping. If this is your first trip to Mexico, then make sure you read below to learn some traveling tips. It will make your visit and overall experience much better. Read below some of the best tips for traveling to Mexico. 

#1 Restroom Tips

For starters, a very common mistake that many visitors make when they visit Mexico is to incorrectly interrupt how restrooms are labeled. You don’t want to make an embarrassing mistake, so you will need to know that “Mujeres” is Spanish for women. If you see a restroom door with an “M” it means this is a restroom for ladies and not a restroom for men. The men’s restroom will have an “H” on it meaning “Hombres”. Remember this, so you don’t make an embarrassing mistake. 

#2 Immigration Paper Slip

Next, another very common mistake that many visitors make when they visit Mexico is the immigration paper slip. Once you have arrived at the airport, you will need to go through Immigration and Customs. The immigration officer will hand you your personal passport that has been stamped, but there is a paper slip that will be inside of your passport. Everyone that visits Mexico will need to fill out the bottom part which is a break away paper, which the immigration officer will remove and put inside of your passport. This is known as Multiple Immigration Form or FMM. This shows that you are visiting Mexico legally, so it is very important that you don’t lose this paper, because when you are ready to leave Mexico, you will have to turn in the paper at the airport. If you lose the paper, then you will have to pay a fine. 

#3 Refrain From Drinking Tap Water

Thirdly, you should refrain from drinking tap water on your Mexico vacation if you don’t want to get a stomachache on your vacation. If you are staying in a resort or hotel that has a filtration system, then you can drink the tap water, but to be safe you should just drink bottled water. However, it can be costly to keep purchasing bottled water and plastic is really bad for the environment. To find a healthy solution, you can bring a filtered water bottle with you on your vacation. For example, a popular filtered water bottle is the LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle. You just fill it up with any water and the filter will remove any bacteria from the water making it safe for you and your loved ones to drink. 

#4 Protect Your Digital Security by Using a VPN

It is very important to keep your information private when at home and when traveling, too. Cellphones, laptops, iPads, and tablets are being used daily when people are on vacation, but did you know you could be putting your digital security at risk? It’s true, but you can prevent that from happening if you use a VPN when you are on the internet on your vacation. You don’t want anyone to get your bank information and passwords. You can use a reputable VPN such as Tunnelbear that is only $39 for one year. That way, you can browse the internet or get work done without worrying about identify fraud or other issues that can quickly ruin a vacation and have long term financial consequences, too. 

#5 Use the Bus System

Did you know that Mexico has a wonderful bus system? It’s true. Mexico is a very large country, and it is challenging to get around. In addition to taking flights, the Mexico bus system is an excellent way to get around the country. The buses are comfortable and spacious with reclining seats and your own TV. They often have wifi and men’s and women’s bathrooms on board, too. It is very affordable and safe way to get around Mexico so make sure to check into bus tickets if you plan to travel around during your stay. A few of the most reliable and high-end bus brands include ETN and Primera Plus.

Will you be visiting Mexico in the near future? Take these tips into account and enjoy an incredible vacation in Mexico.