Where to Vacation? Mexico #1 Choice

The COVID-19 crisis has left many people feeling uncertain around the world. It has been a tough year for everyone, and adjusting to changes is always challenging. However, many people want to enjoy a much needed vacation and continue to live their lives to the fullest. First, safety is the key! When you are trying to decide where to travel as businesses begin to reopen, you should consider Mexico. The Villa Group Resorts has always been a favorite choice for vacationers. In fact, United States and Canada travelers tend to choose the award winning resort as their first choice for vacations. It’s easy to get to Mexico and affordable, too. Read below to learn why Mexico continues to be the #1 choice for vacations in 2020.

Where to Vacation? Mexico #1 Choice

Mexico is a #1 choice for Americans and Canadians when they want to travel abroad. Why? To start with, it is easy to get to. Plus, there are amazing deals on airline flights and resort stays that make it an affordable destination. Mexico is a #1 choice today as people are slowly starting to travel again. The country has beautiful beaches, perfect weather, charming locals, and natural beauty. Plus, the country has a rich heritage that is quite unique, too. Traditional Mexican cuisine has natural ingredients and is very delicious. You can rest assured that you will always enjoy delicious food and drinks during your travels.

Welcoming Hospitality

Next, Mexico is well known for its welcoming hospitality. The locals always welcome and greet all visitors warmly, so don’t be surprised that you will be welcomed with a big smile and open arms. Locals want each traveler to have a wonderful time on their getaway, which is why so many visitors enjoy traveling in the country. If you stay at one of the resorts such as the Villa Group Resorts, then you will see that all of the staff members are ready to make sure they take very good care of you and your loved ones. They go above and beyond to ensure that every guest has the best vacation possible. Who doesn’t want to be pampered and treated like royalty on their getaway? This is why Mexico is the #1 choice for travelers.

Added Updates with Health & Safety

Resorts, businesses, beaches, and landmarks in the country had to temporarily close down due to the COVID-19 crisis that swept through the world. Now that the number of cases has slowed, a decision was made to start reopening. Likewise, businesses have added updated health and safety measures to keep visitors safe. High touch surfaces, wearing masks in public, and social distancing will be required. Wondering where is a safe place to stay? The Villa Group Resorts have made many changes to health and sanitation protocol so that staff members and guests will have less contact. These updates will help keep everyone safe. Likewise, many resorts in the country have also added flexible cancellation policies. That way, travelers can book their stay without having to worry about cancellation fees if travel plans change. Mexico is happy to start welcoming travelers back while still making health and safety for everyone a priority.

Do you need to treat yourself for a vacation, so you can rest and relax? If you want to know where to vacation, remember that Mexico continues to be a #1 choice for travelers. To ensure a perfect travel experience, give Villa Group Resorts a call today. Make sure to inquire about their affordable all-inclusive packages. Plus, they have updated their health and safety standards, so travelers and staff members are safe.

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