Where Can I Take the Best Pictures in Puerto Vallarta?

These days, many travelers spend a lot of time and energy trying to get the perfect picture on vacation. Nearly everyone has a camera on their cell phones today. Likewise, almost everyone wants to put their best vacation pictures on their social media platforms, so family and friends can see them. If you will be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta in the near future, then you may be wondering where you can take the best pictures. Puerto Vallarta is located in Banderas Bay, and it is a popular tourist vacation destination due to the natural beauty, numerous restaurants, and rich heritage. Anywhere you go in Puerto Vallarta you will be able to take amazing pictures. We have created a list below with the top four places in Puerto Vallarta that are excellent for taking wonderful pictures. On your next vacation, head to these top 5 spots to take the best pictures in Puerto Vallarta. 

#1 Monkey Mountain Viewpoint

For starters, if you and your family enjoy hiking on your vacation, then Monkey Mountain Viewpoint is where you should head. It is located nearby Higuera Blanca, which is a small town about thirty miles north from Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Higuera Blanca is a coastal town that is peaceful and beautiful. Monkey Mountain is known as Cerro del Mono in Spanish, and this hike will take you and your family through the lush green jungle vegetation upwards until you reach a massive rock viewpoint above. Make sure you stay aware during the hike as there are points in the trail that are a bit tricky. Once you have reached the top, you have be treated with the best views of Punta Mita, Sayulita, and the Banderas Bay. Make sure everyone has comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. This is a great place to get great pictures in PV. 

#2 Cerro de La Cruz

Next, Cerro de La Cruz is another great place to take the best pictures in Puerto Vallarta. Cerro de La Cruz can only be reached by hiking up the long staircase, which will take you to the lookout point. This hike is perfect if you enjoy being outdoors and hiking. In order to get there, you will need to hike up Calle Abasolo until you reach the Mirador’s stairs which takes you to Cerro de La Cruz. Get ready to get that heart rate pumping as you climb the stairs to reach the top of the lookout point. From there, you will have the best views of the ocean, jungle, and city. You will have a 360-degree view of everything that makes PV one of the top destinations to visit in Mexico. 

#3 Puerto Vallarta Sign

Thirdly, the Puerto Vallarta sign is another great place to take the best vacation pictures. It is ideally located on the popular Malecon Boardwalk that is a great place to enjoy a morning job or evening stroll at sunset. The Puerto Vallarta sign has vibrant block letters that spell out the names of the city and there are other signs in various cities throughout Mexico, too. In 2016, the Puerto Vallarta sign was unveiled and today it is found near the famous “Seahorse Statue” on the Malecon Boardwalk. When you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, make sure you take some pictures there. 

#4 Puerto Vallarta Pier

The Puerto Vallarta pier is another great place to take the best pictures. The Los Muertos Beach pier was renovated about a decade ago, and the updated version was unveiled on January 4th, 2013. The new pier was designed to look like a sailboat, and the lights turn on at night and they are so colorful and beautiful. The Puerto Vallarta pier is a landmark that you must get pictures of. Local fisherman and water taxis are found there as well a tons of pelicans and seagulls enjoying the great PV weather and Banderas Bay views. 

Now you know where you can take the best pictures in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a great vacation destination.