Villa La Estancia’s Opportunities for Snowbirds

Villa La Estancia’s Opportunities for Snowbirds

Villa La Estancia’s opportunities for snowbirds in Riviera Nayarit are fabulous, with full and fractional real estate properties for sale at competitive prices. Snowbirds fleeing the freezing temperatures in the States and Canada will find that, together, Riviera Nayarit and Villa La Estancia residences make a great second home investment to keep you warm and content throughout the winter.

Villa La Estancia’s Opportunities for Snowbirds

Villa La Estancia residences are not just limited to snowbirds, they are luxury beachfront properties that offer all the services of a five star hotel at the beach in Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit. You can purchase both full and fractional beachfront apartments and penthouses at Villa La Estancia, which means that, not only do you enjoy a stunning luxury property but also the pools, spa, restaurants, gym and other services available to hotel guests at the 3 Diamond hotel.

Full Ownership Opportunities for Snowbirds

At Villa La Estancia Residences, you can choose from 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses for full purchase. Just like any condominium-style ownership, you become a full owner of your apartment and can decorate it in any way you wish, arriving when you want for as long as you want, for life! Here you become the exclusive owner of your luxury property.

Fractional Ownership Opportunities for Snowbirds

Likewise, snowbirds who are not ready for the full commitment of property ownership in Mexico can opt for fractional purchases at Villa La Estancia, with a choice of 6 weeks (1/8) or 13 weeks (1/4) fractions. Unlike timeshare or vacation clubs, these fractions are deeded and become your property for life. The residence where you own your fraction will be the same one, which you will share with other owners who have different scheduled times to you. You can arrive during your scheduled time without a reservation, rent it or lend it to friends as you wish. The great advantage too is that if you decide at a later stage to upgrade your fractional Villa La Estancia Residence to full ownership, the developer will take your equity into consideration.

So, as you can see Villa La Estancia’s opportunities for snowbirds are a chance in a lifetime to make Riviera Nayarit your stress free second home.

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