Timeshare Myths

We humans are naturally suspicious creatures, and modern living has made us more and more skeptical, so much so that we no longer recognize a good deal when we see one, we are continually looking for the catch. Surely timeshare is just too good to be true!

There are various myths circulating about timeshare, lots of which stem from misinformation and needless skepticism. For example, many people are intimidated by the myth that their investment is high risk and that they stand to lose their money. In reality, timeshare properties sold by reputable companies are pretty low risk in the grand scheme of investment. If you buy in popular destinations from a large, well-established company, then it is extremely unlikely that you will be left high and dry.

Some skeptics like to focus on the myth that you don’t get value for money, forgetting that by buying a timeshare you can actually afford something much more special than if you were thinking of full ownership, not to mention the stress involved and the maintenance costs on your own property.

You also avoid the disappointment of arriving to a resort not knowing what kind of place you are going to be staying in. You are always guaranteed the satisfaction of knowing exactly where you are going. There is nothing like arriving to a familiar place and one that is in pristine condition thanks to continuous shared maintenance.

Then there are those who say you will never be able to sell your unit in the future, should you so wish. While this myth is certainly not the case, it is worth mentioning that very few timeshare owners actually opt to sell their units, most owners prefer to upgrade their properties rather than sell them on.

The flexibility myth is also a popular misconception, as pessimists claim that buying a timeshare limits your possibilities to vacation in other places. In fact, as opposed to full ownership actually opens the potential for flexibility, especially if you become a member of a hotel group that has number of resorts, or that belongs to an exchange network. Swapping and flexible dates are now part and parcel of the modern timeshare landscape, gone are the days when you buy a week and have to go rain or shine.

Finally, there is the flawed myth that timeshare only suits a certain type of person. So, what exactly is the timeshare type? Well, unless you are someone who doesn’t like to vacation outside of your own city, studies show that timeshare is a viable option for anyone who is eligible for a credit card. Timeshare compatibility is not limited to couples or even retirees, owning your own fraction of paradise is a luxury affordable to anyone with vision. So why not you?

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3 thoughts on “Timeshare Myths

  1. Timeshare industry is well known for being very vulnerable to scams; consequently, vacationers and timeshare owners should be aware of timeshare investments, phony offers to rent or resell timeshares or practically anything that sounds too good to be true.

  2. Timeshare industry is no stranger to rip-offs. Ever since the whole timeshare idea was created, the industry has been very criticized due to the dishonest sales practices, the false promises, the aggressive attitude from some sellers, the constant harassment, the high fees and the misinformation used to confuse customers, among other issues.

  3. The truth is that Timeshare scams are increasing, and every day more victims fell for them. Fortunately, there are many solutions to get rid of an unwanted timeshare; however, the best way to dump a timeshare is by cancelling the contract. Timeshare cancellation has many advantages, but the most important is that once the contract is properly cancelled, there are no further responsibilities attached to the resort.

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