The Ancient World of Cancun

If we were to compare Cancun to other Caribbean destinations, it is clear that Cancun has so much more to offer. As well as an amazing stretch of coastline and azure waters, the whole area offers incredible historical and cultural treasures. There are so many sacred Mayan sites to visit, you cannot come to Cancun without visiting at least one.

The ancient Maya are remembered for their extraordinary empire that spread throughout south east Mexico and south into Central America. Thanks to the expansion of the empire, the whole area is adorned with sacred cities, ruins and pyramids. The Maya left an amazing architectural legacy in addition to many other influential contributions to astrology, mathematics and the scientific method.

In Cancun itself, there are two Mayan sites of interest, which are small in comparison to the major sacred sites of Chichen Itza and Uxmal but nonetheless interesting if you do not have time to explore further afield during your stay in Cancun. El Rey is close to the Hotel Zone and dates back to 900 AD. There are around 46 structures to explore and the site was named after the Mayan god of the sun. El Meco is also located in Cancun and is even smaller than El Rey, but is considered to be an important “power site” great for meditation and healing. It used to be a trading port during the post classic period dealing with Isla Mujeres.

If you have time for a delightful day trip, then Chichen Itza would be the natural choice. It is by far the most worldly famous of all the sites and is beautifully well preserved. Almost 2 square miles in area, there is plenty to keep you occupied. You can climb the steps to the top of Kukulcan, experience the eerie silence of the temples and observatory and imagine the bloody sports played out on the ball court.

Cancun is just so much more than a beach vacation; it is a vacation with a cultural twist.


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