The Gifts at Timeshare Presentations

Part of the attraction to attending a timeshare presentation is the gift that you will receive as a thank you for taking time out of your day or vacation to visit a timeshare resort. There are many different kinds of gifts that you might be offered, from money, vouchers, discounts or physical gifts. Beware of extremely generous gifts as they are likely to be too good to be true.

Avoid a Scam by Judging the Gift

Often it is easy to tell a timeshare scam by the gift that is being offered. Genuine timeshare companies don’t need to entice people with wild extravagant gifts because they know that the quality of their product will speak louder than a bribe. However, some timeshare scammers deliberately use the gift as a means of getting money out of the presentation attendees by charging a postal fee to deliver the product or only giving the gift if you buy a timeshare.

Genuine Incentives

Legitimate timeshare operators will probably offer you something a little more realistic and probably something that doesn’t actually leave them out of pocket such as discounts or free tickets, like in Orlando when the timeshare gifts are generally free entry into a theme park. Some genuine companies might organize tours and give special offers on outdoors activities. These types of gifts put less pressure on the buyer and are simply used to entice potential buyers to attend the presentation in order that the timeshare units and resort simply sells itself.


6 thoughts on “The Gifts at Timeshare Presentations

  1. Vacationers are offered free breakfasts, activities such as horseback riding or scuba diving, or even week-long vacations just to attend a short 90-minute timeshare presentation. They are told that there is no obligation to buy a timeshare, just to listen and learn about the great deals or investments being offered. In return, they will enjoy some free gifts to compensate them for their time and thank them for their interest. While most of these presentations are legitimate, some are timeshare scams that use high-pressure sales tactics to lure clients into purchasing high-priced, low-value timeshares.

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  3. You are a victim of timeshare scam if you were told these statements at a sales presentation:

    “…our timeshare is a good financial investment.”
    “…you can rent your timeshare weeks and make a profit.”
    “…you can sell your timeshare anytime and make a profit.”
    “…XYC company will buy your old timeshare for a considerable amount of money.”
    “…our timeshare offers you exceptional benefits and discounts for airfare, car rental, cruises, hotels or tours.”
    “…our timeshare offers tax advantages.”
    “…our timeshare is a deeded or like a deeded property (perpetuity).”
    “…please, sign this waiver rescinding your right to cancel your timeshare within the 5 day recsission period as we are activating your timeshare today.”

  4. If you are not interested in purchasing a timeshare, do not attend a timeshare presentation! The free gifts are not worth wasting a day of your vacation, and putting your hard earned money at risk of being scammed by the timeshare salespeople.

  5. Most people have the idea that timeshares are an expensive purchase, and this idea is not always mistaken. Timeshare companies sell their units for thousands of dollars, under the premise that it is a great investment. However, lots of timeshare owners are desperate to get rid of such “investment” given the financial responsibilities that they carry with. That is why, nowadays, it is not unusual to find a cheap timeshare for sale.

  6. Timeshare presentations are extremely high-pressure and the salesmen will do and tell you anything to get a sale done. Do not act in a hurry and ask as many questions as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable during the presentation, just walk away.

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