What do timeshare maintenance fees cover?

Timeshare maintenance fees cause a lot of controversy, especially when for some reason you cannot use your timeshare one year and you are left paying the maintenance fees for a week you did not use. So, what exactly do maintenance fees cover?

Timeshare maintenance fees cover everything related to the upkeep and general wellbeing of your timeshare unit and the resort itself, including pools, spa and common areas. In your apartment you maintenance fees will go toward replacing kitchen appliances, utensils, cutlery, plates and so forth as well as replacing more expensive items like furniture. The fees also cover cleaning costs and general repairs.

You are responsible for paying your timeshare maintenance fees every years regardless of whether you use your unit. Therefore, if you are not going to be able to visit your timeshare you might as well rent or lend your timeshare to family or friends who could perhaps cover your maintenance fees.

Remember, your timeshare maintenance fees are intended to safeguard your investment and ensure that you have the greatest enjoyment of your property when you arrive each year. Reputable companies will have reasonable maintenance fee, although they will inevitably rise with the costs of inflation and manpower.


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