Summer Vacation Scams

When summer comes everyone seems to be in a happy mood and enjoys the warm, sunny weather. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the best tourist destinations around the world and the most likely time when scammers move around hunting their next victim. It’s the peak season not just for fun, but for scams, thieveries and fraud. Here are some of the modus that you should be aware of once the summer days start.

Summer vacation scams to watch out for:

Summer Vacation Scams when Checking in

A summer vacation scam commonly involving credit cards that happens during late night check ins. Once you’ve settled down in your bed and are about to close your eyes, you’ll receive a call from someone pretending to be a Front Desk Operator informing you that your payment through your credit card was declined. This scammer will then ask you to repeat your credit card details or ask for another. Without much hesitation you’ll give it just to get this over and done. Yes, you can start to rest now, but tomorrow will surely bring a lot of disappointments learning that you’ve been victimized by another canny scam again.

Summer Vacation Scams when booking your beach rental

This usually victimizes those who are on the rush. In their efforts to find a nice accommodation for their last minute summer vacations, they usually go to the internet or read the local papers for a good find. Without fully checking the validity of the advertisements, they fall into the trap of sending money through wire transfer as scammers don’t accept payment through credit cards. Alas, when they arrive at the supposedly accommodation facility they’ll find that the address is far more than a resort, vacation villa or a hotel. It’s just another good day at the bank for smart scammers.

Take Away Restaurant Summer Vacation Scams

This summer vacation scam involves flyers or written ads handed over that advertise delivery services of a particular food company or a restaurant. Many tourists are just too tired to go outside after a busy day of sightseeing and tours, so they end up calling the numbers. The catch is they don’t accept payment upon delivery and that credit card is the only mode of payment. You’ll wait hours and hours for your dinner to come until the rooster crows. Only then will you realize that you’ve been scammed, and the bills on your credit card rise because of the shopping splurge made by the scammers.

Internet Wifi Scams (Not just a summer vacation scam!)

Identity theft is prevalent on the internet, so you must be aware and suspicious of any free wifi offered in many touristic establishments, and in particular while out on the streets. They are generally unsafe to use and will creep on your private information like passwords of your email accounts or even bank account numbers saved on your gadgets.

Drop and Switch Scams

Flowery words and fast hands are pre-requisites for scammers to pull a drop and switch scam. This usually happens when you handed cash for payment either for a taxi fare or goods bought on a store. They drop one or two of the bills you’ve handed and telling you you’re short of payment. To avoid this kind of scam, your fast eyes can be your greatest pal.

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