Sea Turtles Arrive to Banderas Bay

The turtle season from July to December is the egg laying season for the thousands of turtles who consider Banderas Bay’s waters as their home. It’s a magnificent show to see them traversing the shores and going back to their birthplace. A life propagating activity for these highly endangered species, prompting residents of the place to push for their all out protection. Conservation programs have been created and will greatly benefit these little creatures that are attractions to an already stunning Banderas Bay.

Olive Ridley Sea Turtle on Banderas Bay

The Olive Ridley sea turtle has been the subject of preservation for the past decades in the Banderas Bay area from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho. Concerted efforts have been ongoing where local residents, local authorities and business groups have joined hands to assure the continuity of life for these gentle reptiles. They have been watchdogs in guarding against pollution, coastal progress and unlawful activities committed against sea turtles. When a turtle is seen laying eggs on the beaches of Banderas Bay, the authorities are notified to come and collect the eggs to be protected in local turtle sanctuaries. These conservation programs have helped a lot in educating people and preventing further damages to the welfare and life of these endangered creatures.

Visitors are sure to be left in awe by the sight of these sea turtles making their way to Banderas Bay’s sands. Here they dig a place for their eggs, working incessantly and eventually laying even during the darkness of the night. The turtles then go back to the ocean, leaving their offsprings behind and will take years to go back again on the shore. These powerless baby turtles are left on their own and will need all the help it can get to at least survive their early ordeals. Statistics showing a very low survival percentage are a cause for concern. People must do their share or else future generations won’t be able to have a glimpse of them. The amount of efforts shown towards their preservation can mean life or death for these baby turtles.

One can cooperate and do their share by adopting one for a day. This is during the releasing time for these little creatures, where visitors can hold one and do the actual release into the ocean. Children will find this activity very appealing. Such a heartwarming act and a breathtaking experience too. Wishing a little turtle towards his first ever journey to the waters can bring in a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

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