Should you Spend the Extra for First Class Honeymoon Flights?

Are you in the process of booking your honeymoon flights? If you are, then you may wonder if you should spend the extra money on first class honeymoon flight seating. Many couples choose first class seating for their honeymoon, but is it really worth it? Years ago there were important differences when choosing first class as it demonstrated that you were wealthy, and in an elite group, but today it doesn’t have the same impact, especially as business class and first class are often the same kind of seating, which isn’t really very romantic at all.

The Destination of your Honeymoon

The destination of your honeymoon is important when you are thinking about purchasing first class flights. Will you be flying to Mexico, domestic, or the Caribbean? These flights are no longer than five hours, yet the price difference between economy class and first class can be hefty while the privileges are very little. You might be checked in first, or enjoy a free drink, but other than that you are just spending a lot of money for no reason. Long Haul honeymoon destinations will generally offer you more luxurious privileges on first class flights.

The Airline Franchise

The airline franchise or company will make an impact on whether it is worth you paying more money for first class seating. Many airline companies in North America don’t give you anything special for first class seating. They may offer you a drink or two, extra airplane food, perhaps stainless steel cutlery instead of plastic and some extra legroom. However, the luxury airlines like Emirate Airways, British Airways, Swiss Air, Air France, and Singapore Air offer amazing first class seats and services, so it is always worth checking to see which airlines have the best first class flights.

Weigh Up the Added Cost

The price jump from economy class seating to first class is pretty high. For example, in flights throughout North America the added costs for first class flights can be around an extra $1,000 each ticket. Just think what you could do with the extra money you save by flying economy class! You can enjoy this money on your honeymoon. You can book a private yacht tour, head to the spa, or have a private dinner by a personal chef. Remember this before you spend the extra money on first class seating.

The Type of Plane

The last thing we think about when we book a flight is the type of plane. There are so many types of planes, and when booking first class seats, the type of plane plays an important role. The older planes don’t have updated technology or space, and smaller jets don’t offer cabins for their first class passengers. Many times, the first class seating will place you in row seating, and you may end up in arm’s length of your spouse. This isn’t what you were thinking was it?

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