Rent Direct from Owner

When you are looking for a timeshare rental, there are many ways you can find a suitable unit. Timeshare apartments are very desirable because they are large and generally come fully furnished with full kitchens and living quarters. Such units are perfect for families and beat hotel rooms for value for money and space.

One of the best ways to rent a timeshare vacation property is directly from the owner. In this way you can avoid paying commissions and run the risk of missing out on the property because of agent inefficiency. Sometimes it can take a long time for an agent to get back to you about the availability of the timeshare unit you want to rent. When you deal directly with the owner, you know straight away what week(s) are available and how much they are willing to accept in payment. Negotiations are easy, quick and to the point.

The other benefit of renting directly with the owner is that you can ask lots of questions about the amenities in the resort and what you might need to bring. The owners will know the exact answers to your questions, no matter how trivial, like: Is the bed firm or soft? How many people realistically and comfortably fit? Sometimes the chain of questions gets lost through an agent.

Finally, another great advantage of forming a relationship with the timeshare owner is that if you decide to return another year, you already know them and booking will be easy. You may find they will give you a discount if you are a return client.


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