All About Mexico Timeshare Scams

These days, the majority of Mexican resorts that do offer timeshare memberships are honest and reputable. Villa Group Resorts, for example, is a trustworthy provider that has nine luxury resorts in various destinations in Mexico. On the contrary, they make sure that all their members are completely happy. Resorts in their collection of properties include Villa La Estancia, Villa del Mar, Villa del Palmar, and Villa del Arco. All of the resorts with the Villa Group Resorts are located in the top tourist Mexico destinations. Timeshare owners can stay at luxury properties in Cabo, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Riviera Nayarit. In the later months of 2020, they will be opening a new resort named the Villa La Valencia, which will be located in Los Cabo. Keep reading to learn all about Mexico timeshare scams.

  • All About Mexico Timeshare Scams

The American Resort Development Association ARDA is a good source to help determine if a timeshare provider is reputable. The ARDA has confirmed that Villa Group Resorts offers genuine vacation club memberships and provides wonderful customer service. To become a vacation club member with Villa Group Resorts, you will have to attend a sales presentation. Sales presentations generally last 90 minutes, and this is when possible members will learn everything there is to know about becoming a timeshare member. To start with, you will be given a tour of the resort property, then the sales representatives will figure out to see if you can qualify to become a member. You will never have to worry about Villa Group Resorts operating a timeshare scam as they are reputable.

  • Villa Group Resorts – Numerous Extravagant Amenities

Extravagant and luxurious amenities are what you will receive as a member with the Villa Group Resorts. A few of their noteworthy amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, fine dining restaurants, spas, several tennis courts, a fitness area, and so much more. Plus, the Villa Group Resorts provides a variety of vacation units to fit every family’s needs. For example, members can choose from accommodations including a studio villa, one or two bedroom units, and even a penthouse suite. Members can choose to stay in any of the units, so they can find the perfect vacation home to meet their specific needs.

  • Villa del Palmar – Becoming a Timeshare Member

Also, prospective members will be given the membership contract after the sales presentation is over. It is important that new members read every page and check the fine details in the contract. After you read the contract, you can ask the sales rep any questions that you may have. Next, they will go over the financial commitment that you will be entering if you become a timeshare member. For example, all new timeshare members will have to pay a deposit before they can become a member. Plus, all members have to pay regular dues, too. The vacation weeks and timeshare calendar will be explained in the contract. That way, you know how you can secure the weeks that you want. After you have read the timeshare contract, you will be asked to sign the contract. Once the membership contract is signed, the document will be legally binding.

  • Villa Group Resorts – Timeshare Scam?

The staff with Villa Group Resorts work very hard to make sure that all members always have unforgettable vacations. Their philosophy is to always respect each member and guest, to serve each member and guest, and to provide each member and guest with excellent customer service. Remember, Villa Group Resorts does not operate timeshare scams. Their staff is available onsite 24 hours a day. The staff is professional, welcoming, and eager to make sure every member has a worry free vacation. Are you ready to treat your family to the best vacations in Mexico? If so, contact Villa Group Resorts today to check your eligibility to become part of their exclusive vacation club.

You have just learned all about Mexico timeshare scams, and it is easy to see that the Villa Group Resorts doesn’t scam their members. Instead, they provide members with a genuine timeshare ownership. You will be investing in all future vacations when you become an owner with Villa Group Resorts. Contact them today to sign up to attend their sales presentation.

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