Vacation Clubs: Universal Vacation Club International

In operation since 1984, Universal Vacation Club International or UVCI is a leader in the timeshare exchange industry. They are a company that manage and provide maintenance services for The Villa Group’s family of ever growing condominium resorts in Mexico and offer members hassle free exchanges within the group of associated resorts.

When you become a member of Universal Vacation Club International, you will select a level of membership which enables you to either use a particular timeshare property or have the option to choose any of the units in any of the resorts; it all depends on what membership you join. Through Universal Vacation Club International you can also exchange your Villa Group timeshare for other destinations around the world thanks to their close association with RCI and Interval International.

Universal Vacation Club’s Exchange Destinations in Mexico:

Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Villa del Mar

Riviera Nayarit

Villa del Palmar Flamingos


Villa del Palmar Cancun

Cabo San Lucas

Villa del Palmar Cabo

Villa del Arco Los Cabos


Villa del Palmar Loreto

Years of luxury vacations are guaranteed when you join Universal Vacation Club International, meaning that you will take more regular vacations at lower prices. The types of Universal Vacation Membership are outlined below:

Universal Vacation Club Membership Types

Floating Week

You own the rights to use your timeshare during a chosen season or longer time period during a calendar year.

Fixed Week Membership

Your membership entitles you to use your timeshare during a set week every year and your dates are guaranteed for that week.

Biennial Membership

You can join as a biennial member and have the same rights as full members every two years. The benefits are generally the same apart from certain, borrowing and banking rights.

Premier Membership

Premier or Gold Members have bought the rights to use any of the properties in the Universal Vacation Club inventory at the time of reservation. You can also split your week(s) between destinations, resorts or types of units, that is, you can spend 3 days in Cabo San Lucas in spring and 4 days in Puerto Vallarta in Autumn or any other combination.

Villa Preferred Access

This membership is based on points that give you the opportunity to swap your timeshare week for points which you can then exchange for properties in other locations, dates etc. Villa Preferred Access provides the greater flexibility, allowing you to bank, upgrade, and split your timeshare weeks depending on what you want to do on a specific vacation. Each year can be completely different.

Elite Program

Elite is a loyalty program for Villa Preferred Access members. If provides extra benefits in accordance with the quantity of points bought. There are three tiers: Elite Four Star, Elite Five Star and Elite Residence Club, all of which boast different advantages for owners


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