Should you Buy a Timeshare or Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta?

There are pros and cons to owning a timeshare, just as there are pros and cons to any home ownership, and whether it is for you or not depends on what you want as well as your personal circumstances. Here are our top reasons to buy a timeshare to help you figure out if this is a better option for you than buying a vacation home.

real estate in Puerto Vallarta

Should you buy a timeshare or real estate in Puerto Vallarta?

  • Location. Location, location, location… one of the big highlights of buying a timeshare is that you can count on getting the very best locations for your holiday home. In Puerto Vallarta, for example, a timeshare means ultimate beachy living without the hassle of travelling. You might find a home with great views if you search on your own, but prime locations tend to be snapped up by big developments in the most popular areas; just one reason to think about a timeshare instead of home ownership.
  • How much time do you have to spend in your property in Puerto Vallarta? when you’re thinking about buying a home, especially a second one, you should really consider how much time you will be spending in it. When you buy a home you are responsible for its upkeep and expenses even when it lies empty, and if you don’t want to rent it out this can be really expensive. When you buy a timeshare, however, you pay only for the time that is yours (and therefore, hypothetically, only the time you USE).
  • Quality of amenities. there’s no doubt in our minds that you could find a stunning house with amazing views, but we know that there’s no home (not even a condo) which can match the range and quality of amenities available to timeshare owners. These amenities make your timeshare a relaxing and fun place to be, and isn’t that what owning a second home in Puerto Vallarta is all about?

In the end it all depends on what you want from your Puerto Vallarta home; we can only give you the facts, not make the choice for you. Both timeshare and real estate in Puerto Vallarta are great opportunities for you to enjoy this fabulous destination first-hand.

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