Say goodbye to Timeshare Problems

This article will give you some timeshare advice, providing you with some key tips about how to say goodbye to timeshare problems. Really, there is no need to suffer timeshare problems if you follow some simple steps.

Choose a Reputable Timeshare Company

The first piece of advice about how to say goodbye to timeshare problems is simple, and will make most other potential timeshare problems almost non-existent: buy a timeshare from a reputable company. Sounds simple, and it is! Choosing a long standing company with good customer reviews will save you a lot of timeshare problems in the future.

Check your Contract

Reading your contract thoroughly before you sign is also an important detail that many people overlook. There are so many complaints about timeshare which stem from customers failing to read the contract and then complaining that the sales agent lied. In some cases, it may well be the case that the seller lied to you or that the sales tactic was less than direct, however, that is why there is a written contract. You wouldn’t buy a house based on a spoken agreement, so don’t think that purchasing a timeshare is any different. Always read the contract.

Plan for Maintenance Fees

Some people fall into timeshare problems when they don’t realize that they have to pay maintenance fees. Again, by law, maintenance fees will be mentioned in your contract, so you will not have a legal leg to stand on if you stop paying your maintenance fees. To be fair, most reputable timeshare companies these days will take into account the maintenance fees when calculating how much you could afford to spend on a timeshare. Even so, to be sure, always work out how much your maintenance fees will be before you sign your timeshare contract.

Book Your Units in Advance

Another common minor timeshare problem is being able to reserve the unit you want for the dates that you require. That is because you should reserve your timeshare units in advance and new timeshare owners are not always aware that they can reserve up to 2 years ahead of time.

Avoid Resale Scams

A common timeshare problem that is easy to avoid are the problems associated with timeshare resales and resale scams. If you are an owner, avoid selling your timeshare with an agent that asks for upfront fees and do not pay for any surveys or assessments to be carried out on your property. If you are looking to buy a resale, make sure that the contract is valid with the timeshare operator.

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