Baby Turtle Hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta

There are few who would disagree that one of the highlights of your beach vacation in Puerto Vallarta is to see hundreds of baby turtle hatchlings scurrying for the Pacific shoreline. Rest assured, 2014 will be no exception!

Baby turtle hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta are a common sight from July through December, when the turtle “high season” descends on Mexico’s coastlines east and west. Although turtles arrive to Puerto Vallarta’s beaches throughout the year, the numbers of mature female turtles coming to lay their eggs increases greatly during the months of summer and fall. Therefore, if seeing baby turtles hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta is a must for you, book your vacation from the end of August through December to ensure sightings.

During this period when large numbers of golfina and black turtles arrive to Puerto Vallarta, governmental programs are in place to protect the baby turtle eggs from predators, including man! As soon as a turtle is noted laying her eggs, local authorities are called to come and collect the eggs and take them to a sanctuary where they are protected until the baby turtle hatchlings break free from their shells. The baby turtles are then returned to the same beaches from where they were taken to be released into the sea once more.

Baby Turtle Hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta

Statistics predict that only 1% of the baby turtles released will make it to full maturity. They face many trials on their journey to adulthood, including making it to the sea without being eaten by birds! That is why it is encouraged to have an audience during the baby turtle releases, as humans provide protection from birds and other animals, giving them a head start.

Tourists are invited to watch the release of baby turtle hatchlings in Puerto Vallarta. During the high turtle season, you can see baby turtles at least once a week on one of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta. Your hotel concierge or activities team should be able to tell you when the next turtle release is scheduled and on which beach.

So, next time you plan a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, make sure you coincide with the turtle arrivals.

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