Puerto Vallarta’s Top Activities

Puerto Vallarta is packed with top activities to enjoy for all the family from 8 to 80 and beyond! The reality of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities is that there are far too many to mention here – you could spend a whole year doing something different every day (well, almost!). However, if it is your first time to Puerto Vallarta there are some top activities you simply don’t want to miss, some that will cost less than a dollar!

Puerto Vallarta’s top Activities

Pirate Ship

Puerto Vallarta’s top Activities Pirate ship

One of the most iconic sights in Puerto Vallarta, apart from the lighted steeple of the Church of Guadalupe Downtown, is seeing the Marigalante pirate ship on the horizon. By day and by night it remains a distinguishing feature of Puerto Vallarta’s charm. You can enjoy the Pirate Ship from afar or brave a night of raucous family fun on deck with a crew of dastardly pirates and piratesses.

Sunset on the Malecon

The picturesque boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta is called the Malecon. Taking a walk along the promenade at sunset is one of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities which won’t cost you a dime (unless you cannot resist buying something in one of the many souvenir shops, jewelers or tequila stores). As the sun sets over the ocean every day on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, you are guaranteed the most stunning sunsets that will not fail to get you more Facebook likes than posting a photo of your cute pet!

A Public Bus Ride

If you want to experience the “real Mexico,” riding one of Puerto Vallarta’s buses will give you an adventure that will cost you less than a dollar. If you take a blue bus that says Marina, Walmart or Liverpool, there is no chance of you getting lost and these busses simply drive up and down the main avenue with sea on one side and the mountains on the other to give you your bearings. If you are lucky, you may hear some great music. Taking public transport can also be a way of saving some money too.

Sky Diving on the Beach

During the winter and spring season you can take your life in your hands and enjoy a skydive of a lifetime as you freefall over the ocean and land on the beach in Nuevo Vallarta. While skydiving deserves its spot on the list of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Flea Market and Swing Bridge

Another free activity is to visit the flea market at the end of the Malecon where Downtown merges into Old Town. Here you will see lots of artisan products and souvenir opportunities. Crossing the swing bridge without laughing is a fun challenge and deserving of being considered one of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities that doesn’t cost you anything but a smile.

A Photo on the Pier

The pier at Los Muertos beach - Puerto Vallarta’s Top Activities

The pier near Los Muertos beach has been recently renovated to take Puerto Vallarta into the twenty-first century. You can organize boat trips here and other adventures as well as board water taxis to the beaches further down the coast that can only be reached by boat. At night the pier lights up in colorful lights and is a great place to take a picture.

Whale Watching

During the winter season, whale watching is one of Puerto Vallarta’s top activities. From November to March, humpback whales choose the warmer waters of Banderas Bay to teach their young to jump and to mate. Whale watching is carefully regulated with licenses but as the abundance of whale is so great, you would have to be very unlucky not to see whales during this time.


Golfers will have a great time playing a round or two of golf in Puerto Vallarta, although choosing from the top courses is likely to be more of a handicap than you had thought. With such stark competition, you can be sure that you are in for a wonderful day golfing.

This article could go on and on describing Puerto Vallarta’s top activities, but hopefully this list of the top 8 activities will give you something to muse over while you plan your vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

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