Stay Home, Stay Safe: 2021 COVID-19 Tips

Are you shocked to see that our lives as we used to know have been so affected by the COVID-19 virus? Every country around the world has begun to take measures to try to keep their residents safe. One of the major requirements is to practice social distancing. Other countries have implemented quarantine regulations at your residence. These measures are designed to help slow the spread of the virus. Another one of the important recommendations is to regularly wash your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds. Whatever the safety instructions are where you live, you should follow them. Keep reading below to learn important stay home, stay safe 2021 COVID-19 tips.

COVID-19 Tips

  1. Enjoy Time with Loved Ones: During this worldwide epidemic, everyone is very stressed out, even children. Don’t let stress and worry affect your health. Make sure to not let worry and anxiety overwhelm you or your loved ones. Instead, this is the perfect time to watch movies that you didn’t have time before. You and your family can watch a good movie or TV series together. Board and card games are great to do together, too. Since you are unable to visit friends and family members in person, you can do a video call. This will keep you safe while still staying connected with friends and family members.
  2. Workout Daily: Most fitness clubs and gyms are closed during this time, but you can still keep yourself fit and healthy while you are in quarantine. If you have a yoga mat and a few weights, you can stay safe in your home and still enjoy your regular workout. Also, many online classes are being offered right now, and most of them are free, too. In addition, depending on the regulations where you live, you can still go outside to work out if you keep approximately two meters in distance away from other people. This means you can ride your bike, go on a run, or take a walk, but make sure you keep your distance from other people. Regular exercise promotes a healthy immune system which is especially important right now.
  3. Supporting Local Restaurants and Cooking Healthy Meals: Visit your grocery store only for essential items, and make sure to take every safety precaution while you shop. Avoid getting close to anyone, wear a face mask, and wipe down all items you purchase. Once you have visited your grocery store and are back home, you can create healthy meals that you and your family will love. After a while, you may start missing your favorite local restaurant’s food, too. However, you can support them by having the food delivered to your home or you can pick it up. Many local restaurants are still providing take out and delivery options so they can stay in business during this difficult time.
  4. Declutter Your Home: Now that you have plenty of time at home due to the quarantine, you can declutter your home. Start by organizing drawers, closets, and playrooms. You can go through your drawers and put aside clothes that you don’t wear anymore. That way, you can donate them to people in need when this is over. This is the perfect time to go ahead and sanitize your home, too.
  5. Get Natural Vitamin D: Also, it is very important for people to get a dose of daily sunlight as many studies have revealed. You can get natural Vitamin D with sun exposure, which will keep you healthy. If you have a yard, you and your family should try to go out daily so you can get natural Vitamin D from the sun along with fresh air. However, you should avoid the sun during ten in the morning through four in the afternoon, because that is when the sun’s rays are extra strong. It’s best if you go out during the morning hours or during the later afternoon hours. Lastly, if you live in an apartment without a yard, you can still get natural Vitamin D by just sitting by a sunny windowsill. This is another great option. Bring a book with you or take the time to phone a friend to check in as you reap the benefits of your daily dose of this Vitamin.

We can all get through this by working together and this COVID-19 tips will keep you busy and healthy.

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