VLO Positions at Villa Group Timeshare

The Villa Group Timeshare division offers many excellent positions for professional candidates. The positions range from a OPCs, which is Off Premises Contact/Outside Public Contact to marketing and sales. The VLOs, also known as a Verification Loan Officer is probably the most important position to have within the Villa Group Timeshare division. The VLOs will meet and serve clients every day of the year.

  • Verification Loan Officer Positions at Villa Group Timeshare

New Villa Group timeshare members are supported by the Verification Loan Officer to fully understand the clauses in their timeshare contract. Helping the new Villa Group member is one of the main roles of this position, to make sure that the client will not later want to cancel their timeshare. The Villa Group timeshare VLO is responsible for letting new members understand how their contract works. When a client agrees to a timeshare membership, then the VLO will meet with the client and make sure the client purchases a Villa del Palmar timeshare.

  • Assisting the Developer

The VLO who assist the developer and will work on their behalf as well. The Villa Group Timeshare department always makes sure that each client understands the contract of the timeshare and the benefits and perks that the client will receive once they become a member. This is an essential position with the Villa Group Timeshare, because the VLO must be able to handle a demanding position, be very responsible, and pay attention to all details. The VLO should also be honest and have the people skills that is necessary for this position.

  • VLO Training at Villa Group Timeshare

The VLO will start their training with the sales department team, because the sales department team at the Villa Group timeshare is the first contact to a potential client. The sales department team will answer all questions that the client may have about the membership and any questions that come up at the last moment. The VLO training is lengthy, because the VLO must understand the membership of the Villa Group inside and out. A great VLO will provide the client with their professional email address, so the client can contact the Villa Group timeshare VLO with any questions that they may have.

  • VLO Employment Opportunities

Unfortunately, the VLO position doesn’t open up so often, because it one of the most popular and sought out positions with the Villa Group Timeshare division. There are so many people that work with the Villa Group Timeshare division that it is difficult to get a VLO position, but you should remember that there are other employment opportunities, and starting at the bottom will allow you to grow with the company and as your knowledge with the timeshare industry improves, then you will eventually get the chance to be a VLO.

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