The Villa Group Timeshare Exchange Program

New Villa group timeshare owners will be impressed by the Villa Group Timeshare Exchange Program that  allows members to visit any of the resorts owner and operated by the Villa Group in Mexico.

the Villa Group timeshare

Benefits of the Villa Group Timeshare Exchange Program

The most obvious benefits of the Villa Group Timeshare Exchange Program are that your timeshare membership at one or more of the Villa Group resorts in Mexico will enable you to stay at any of its Villa del Palmar resorts. Villa del Palmar is the brand name of the Villa Group’s timeshare resorts in addition to Villa del Arco.

The Villa Group exchange program opens up the possibilities for timeshare owners to visit different destinations in Mexico. So far, the Villa Group exchange program provides the following destinations:

  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Cancun
  • Loreto

Therefore, when you purchase timeshare membership at, let’s say, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to use your timeshare benefits in Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas and all the other Villa Group resorts.

Villa Group timeshare

Villa Preferred Access and UVCI Exchanges

Villa Preferred Access is the name of a flexible points program offered by the Villa Group to make exchanges even easier. You buy an allocation of Villa Preferred Access points, which you can then use as you wish in any of the Villa Group resorts. Using your points is a more simple way to exchange. Members who own fixed timeshare weeks can still exchange timeshare units for other resorts through UVCI (Universal Vacation Club International). UVCI is mutual benefit company that facilitates the exchanges between the Villa Group resorts and is the body that administers maintenance fees and other members services and benefits for the Villa Group.

International Exchanges

To be able to offer its members international exchange possibilities, The Villa Group are affiliated with Interval International, a global exchange network that can help you exchange your Villa del Palmar timeshare for other timeshare destinations around the world.

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