Top 10 Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico is renowned for world class cuisine and delectable dining, so much so that there are at least two long-standing culinary festivals in Puerto Vallarta each year in addition to a wine festival and other smaller gourmet events. Choosing the top 10 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is a pretty tough job and the list below could be double the length with still more great restaurants left unmentioned. However, below you will find a top 10 list that aims to cover a range of different types of restaurants.

Blanca Blue

On the south road out of Puerto Vallarta, ideal for those staying in Conchas Chinas and Old Town, Blanca Blue is a gourmet restaurant in the grounds of Garza Blanca Preserve. This restaurants has stunning views of the ocean and Banderas Bay, with a torch-lit terrace for romantic dining. The menu is gourmet but accessibly priced for the venue and the excellent service you will receive.

La Palapa

A long standing favorite on any list of top 10 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, La Palapa on the seafront of Los Muertos Beach is a magical experience for toes-in-the-sand fine dining. For breakfast, this is the perfect place from where to watch the waves roll on the sand, while at night it comes alive like a fairytale with candlelit tables and live music.

El Patio de mi Casa

This is a casual restaurant /bar that is famed for its jazz bands and other musical events. Set within a lush patio, fronded with tropical plants and a romantic atmosphere, El Patio de mi Casa is a place to nibble and drink wine while soaking up a great atmosphere. This is a popular place for local bohemians and laid-back expats who have made Puerto Vallarta their home.

El Trio

An elegant international menu awaits you at El Trio with an emphasis on Mexican dishes. This is one of those restaurants that doesn’t have to shout about how great it is, the food and impeccable service speaks for itself. A must for a list of top 10 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. If you are looking for fine dining, European style, El Trio is the place to experiment with delicious gourmet dishes that come in hungry-man’s portions.

Dolce Vita

Like a institution in Puerto Vallarta, no one argues with the quality of the food at Dolce Vita restaurant serving the finest Italian pizzas and pastas. You may be looking for something more Mexican, but there’s always that one night on any vacation when only Italian food will hit the mark. Dolce Vita on the boardwalk or in Nuevo Vallarta is just the ticket.


A Mexican seafood restaurant located on the water’s edge just north of Puerto Vallarta’s boardwalk, Barracuda is like a local’s secret. Great food and a trendy atmosphere are on the menu, with its sister bar, Solar to one side. Here visitors of any age feel young and free. If you like seafood, Barracuda is a no-brainer and a permanent resident in any selection of top 10 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Remember to take cash though, no credit / debit cards accepted.

Cafe Des Artistes

As far as kudos and elegance, Cafe Des Artistes is a winner every time for delicious gourmet food, ultra elegant decor and first class service. Although the chef and owner is of French descent, Thierry Blouet is somewhat of a celebrity in Puerto Vallarta (or rather, a gourmet guru) thanks to his stunning fusion of European and Mexican delicacies.

La Leche

Like Cafe Des Artistes, La Leche is owned and run by Puerto Vallarta icons. Father and son duo Nacho Cadena and Alfonso Cadena provide ultra modern gourmet dining in a trendy atmosphere. Alfonso Cadena is the rockstar chef that prepares your meals as well as performs occasionally while you eat in his rock band. Each dish is especially prepared to delight you with its presentation and taste bud whirling combinations. The menu is different each time you visit.

De Santos

Another restaurant along the Italian theme, De Santos is a trendy, elegant restaurant where you can dine and chill out to great music. On the weekends there is often a band or DJ to encourage you to sit and socialize way after you have finished dining. The bar and outdoor terrace on the roof is also popular with locals as well as visitors. A great choice for top 10 restaurants in Puerto Vallarta.

Sonora Grill Prime

In Puerto Vallarta’s Marina, Sonora Grill Prime is a happening steak house that is a cool place to dine before hitting the nightclubs. Its pumping music sets the tone for a great night out and the food is worth every penny. This is a great restaurant for socializing and the menu is diverse enough to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

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