Stunning Loreto Cave Paintings

It’s no surprise to say that any vacation in Mexico will be full of wonderful pastimes and adventures to enjoy, not to mention the sunny and warm climate, but you might be surprised to know that there are prehistoric attractions for you to enjoy! There are quite a few sites near the tourist hotspot of Loreto where you can see cave paintings.

Loreto Cave Paintings

What makes the Loreto cave paintings so fascinating and incredible are that they are more numerous, larger and generally in better condition than those found even in the European sites like those in Lascaux, France and in Altamira in Spain. These hidden gems form part of Mexico’s little known heritage, and are certainly one of the man-made wonders of Baja California, Mexico.

Which Loreto Cave Paintings should you visit?

If you haven’t got time on your hands to visit all of the cave paintings near Loreto, you might want to use the following information as a guide to which ones you visit during your vacation to Mexico.

The closest of these wonderful Loreto cave paintings is in Sierra La Giganta; the paintings there are exceptionally beautiful, cast in yellows, whites, ochre and black. The abstract figures are a must see for those staying in Loreto. If you’re willing to devote a little more time to your journey, you can travel northward along the oath of the mountains to La Pingüica. This archaeological site is truly mind blowing; ten thousand years ago the rocks and canyons here served as canvasses for the inhabitants of the area. The human, reptile and avian figures painted here are worth the time it takes to travel.

True history lovers should invest the time to go on a day trip, or even stay overnight, to the town of San Ignacio. The cave paintings here are phenomenally well-preserved; the huge black and brown marks are imposing and beautiful as well as being awe inspiring. Due to the age and rare size of these paintings you can only access the site with a licenced guide. Once you’re in the charming town of San Ignacio you can reach the site on foot, or via four wheel drive whenever you wish.

Though the traditional tourist sights and adventures are worth more than a cursory glance, the Loreto cave paintings found in Mexico are so unusually large, numerous, and well preserved that anyone with an interest in history really won’t want to miss them! Take the time to see a piece of history which has weathered the last ten thousand years!

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