Sea Turtles in Banderas Bay (2021)

Puerto Vallarta can be found on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay. Each and every year, thousands of sea turtles come to Puerto Vallarta to lay their turtle eggs in the exact location where they were born. The spawning season for sea turtles starts in June and lasts through December. In Mexico, six of the seven different species lay their eggs in the area. If you would like to witness this magical event, then you should come to Puerto Vallarta for your summer vacation. The Villa Group Resorts is an excellent place to stay if you want quality accommodations. They are an award-winning resort provider with almost forty years of experience in the industry. Currently, they are offering all-inclusive vacation packages at great prices. For qualified people, they have a quality timeshare ownership program, too. Read below to learn more about the sea turtles in Banderas Bay 2021.

Sea Turtles Return to Banderas Bay

The sea turtles migrate and swim through the ocean waters every year until they arrive at their birth location. Adult female sea turtles will return to the exact location of their birth to lay their own eggs. From June through December is when the spawning season occurs. August and September are the peak months when the baby sea turtles will break out of their shells and crawl to the surface when they are ready to hatch. Then, they will crawl very slowly towards the sea. Eggs are regularly collected from their nests, so they have a better chance of surviving and reaching the sea water. Each year, the number of sea turtles that come to Banderas Bay to lay their eggs differs. They are an essential element of the local ecosystem that deserves protection.

Sea Turtle Eggs

The female sea turtle will decide where she wants to lay her eggs, and that is when the process starts. The female turtle will bury her eggs into the sands, and for approximately fifty days the eggs will incubate. Once the incubation period has passed it means the eggs will start to hatch. Local preservation groups in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas will start collecting the eggs from their nests. Then, they will rebury the sea turtle eggs in areas that are protected from any natural predators and from people. Natural predators include herons, skunks, crows, raccoons, seagulls, and foxes. Sadly, there are even people that will steal the sea turtle eggs and baby sea turtles to sell them. More than three thousand turtle nests are expected in Banderas Bay this year. In previous years, up to eighty sea turtle nests were registered in one single evening. Usually, from one nest there are one hundred eggs, and nearly eighty-five percent will hatch successfully.

Hatching Time

The baby sea turtles will start cracking their shells when it’s hatching time! They crack, then break the egg shells, then they slowly crawl towards the sea. Many volunteers and conservationists will collect as many eggs as they can to help improve the survival rate. Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta this summer? If you are, then you should try to see a baby sea turtle release. At sunset each evening, baby turtles will be set free in the sea. During the day, some of the nests that are being protected can be seen by visitors. When you are on your Puerto Vallarta vacation, you can contact the local organizations to learn more about how to attend a baby sea turtle release.

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