Negative Villa Group Reviews: 2018

When the word timeshares is heard, many people think only negative thoughts. Today, the truth is a vacation ownership membership allows people to plan ahead for the best vacations that can be spent at only the top resorts in Mexico. In Mexico, the Villa Group is the number one timeshare provider as they have always provided outstanding service to all of their members. Have you heard negative Villa Group reviews? If you have, then there had to be some misunderstanding that brought about a negative timeshare review because the Villa Group Resorts have consistently provided the best vacation experiences for all of their timeshare members. You should continue to read below if you have heard any negative Villa Group Reviews in 2018. You will quickly see that the negative reviews are completely false and untrue.

  • Negative Villa Group Reviews: 2018

Negative Villa Group Reviews

The Villa Group has over three decades of experience and is an award winning luxury resort. Thousands of thrilled timeshare members are happy with their experience and their membership. There are nine amazing resort locations and they are in sought out tourist destinations around Mexico. The Villa Group doesn’t scam its valued members. They are an honest and reputable company. To be honest, any of the scams have occurred are always related to outside fraudulent companies that pretend they are associated with the Villa Group. You can stop yourself from becoming a timeshare scam victim by only dealing with the resort directly, and avoid any third party companies who could be scammers.

  • Negative Villa Group Reviews 2018: Dishonest Sales Agents

Negative Villa Group Reviews 2018: Dishonest Sales Agents

There is another negative Villa Group review, which is that sales agents are dishonest. This is a false statement as all of the Villa Group timeshare agents are experienced, trained, and very professional. Sales agents are prohibited from providing any potential timeshare buyer with false information so the potential buyer will purchase a timeshare. The sales agents with the Villa Group are trained to be totally honest and to always respect everyone, and if any of the sales agents are found guilty of these misdeeds, then they will be severely penalized. If you deal with the Villa Group sales agent you will be treated with respect and courtesy. If you feel like you haven’t for any reason, then you should ask to speak to one of their managers. Excellent customer service is their number one goal and mission.

  • Negative Villa Group Reviews: Timeshare Exchanges are Impossible to Schedule

Timeshare Exchanges are Impossible to Schedule

Another top negative Villa Group review is about the exchange system. The timeshare vacation exchange program allows a member to spend their vacation at another destination in Mexico. The exchange program can be used and it is based upon a point system. If you have banked enough timeshare points, then you can use the points and stay at a different timeshare resort, depending upon if there is availability. You should always plan your vacations in advance so you can use the exchange points at another Villa Group resort. Negative Villa Group reviews may have occurred when some people irresponsibly wait until the last minute to make their vacation plans and the resort that are wanting to reserve is unavailable. These are the people who like to make a complaint about the timeshare exchange system with the Villa Group even though it is unmerited complaint, and more a reflection of a lack of planning by the individual.

  • Negative Villa Group Reviews with High Maintenance Fees

High cost Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Every timeshare plan and company requires that their members pay a regular maintenance fee, and this money will go towards the upkeep and repairs on the resort property. In the Villa Group contract, all of the maintenance fees are clearly stated. The maintenance fees are not expensive and it is important for every resort property to look great and running properly. Timeshare members will enjoy all of the best amenities with their vacation due to the regular maintenance fees. Negative Villa Group Reviews related to maintenance fees could be that a timeshare member did not diligently read their contract as instructed.

Conclusion: As you can clearly see the negative Villa Group reviews in 2018 are not an actual representation of company practices. Villa Group timeshares are a genuine and reputable company that provides outstanding vacation ownership for all of its members.

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