Different Jobs in Timeshare

If you want to make a lot of money, why not become part of the timeshare industry’s growing economy. Be a part of 500,000 individuals who are working in more than 5,000 resorts in 120 different countries around the world. Working in timeshare can be a challenging yet a rewarding line of work especially if you are good at what you do.

Different jobs in timeshare

A natural ability to sell is important for jobs in timeshare, but beyond that, other skills like focus and dedication and attitudes like charm, being friendly and outgoing are also as important. If you want to make the money you have only been dreaming of, having the chance to work in the timeshare industry will give you that opportunity to make your dream come true.

Read further to find out the perfect timeshare job for you:

OPC (Off Property Contact) jobs in timeshare

Making a clientele want to experience a sales presentation as the most appealing thing they can experience is the main responsibility of an OPC. You are usually stationed at the airport, a fine restaurant, the boardwalk, shopping mall, or any other areas where most people go. It is your task to rustle up clienteles to send them to the resort. Your freebies and discounted offers will be your tools to make them accept what you are offering. An OPC job requires a short time and schedule is flexible, making it an ideal job for those seeking some part-time gigs or for parents who can spend the usual 8-hour work day.

In-house jobs in timeshare

Working in-house means you receive people as they check into the resort. Although there is a chance that an OPC might have talked to them already at the airport, you have the better chance of booking them for a “property tour”. You will be the first contact for a clientele who wants to proceed to a timeshare presentation. This is a major asset on your part. Most of these prospective buyers have not been bombarded by OPCS around town so you will be the main contact whom they can begin to build trust. You can then convince them that the time they will spend listening to you will be worth the while plus they have their chances to get discounts at restaurants or on spa treatments.

Salesroom jobs in timeshare

Make an incredibly lucrative opportunity by being a salesroom person. You don’t get to go out and find clients yourself but you have these clients delivered to you. You might experience some pressure but if you are courageous enough, each sale that you make will result in more sales. That means you are really good at selling. That also means you have to always be on your best. You have the task to paint a clear picture of how your clients will benefit from a vacation ownership and how this can help them experience amazing getaways now and for years to come. Once you have convinced them to make a purchase, you will begin talking about the prices until you reach an agreement. The best part of being in a salesroom is that it often closes around 2 pm, giving you the rest of the day for yourself.

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