Visit Chacala Nayarit Mexico

If you vacation in Puerto Vallarta, then you will quickly see that there are so many fun and exciting outdoor activities you and your family can enjoy. Puerto Vallarta has stunning beaches, great restaurants, contemporary art galleries, and so much more. Puerto Vallarta can be found in the Banderas Bay, and there are lots of charming coastal towns to explore for a fun day trip. For example, Chacala Nayarit Mexico is a coastal town located a few hours north of Puerto Vallarta. It is a charming and quaint beach town that is a nice break from Puerto Vallarta’s hustle and bustle. To learn more about Chacala, read below. 

Chacala Nayarit Mexico Directions

If you are wanting to explore Chacala, then you will need to travel on highway 200 north until you get into Riviera Nayarit. You will pass by the towns of Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias, Sayulita, and Lo de Marcos. You will also get to see the lush greenery of the Sierra Madre mountains that is extra vibrant after the summer rainy season. When you reach Chacala, the charming fishing village will win your heart over because it is so laid back and peaceful. Likewise, the locals are friendly and welcoming and happy to assist you in anything you may need. 

Chacala Places to Visit

Chacala is the perfect place to visit on a day trip from Puerto Vallarta. When you arrive at Chacala Nayarit Mexico, you will want to visit the Malecon Boardwalk. From there, you will get to see the best ocean views. Make sure you stop off at the Plaza de Chacala, which is the main square in the town. There, you will be able to buy homemade handicrafts, delicious foods, and drinks. The Los Petroglifos de Altavista is a popular place to visit in the area, too. These are ancient stone carvings that date back to 2000 BC to 2300 BCE. The Los Petroglifos de Altavista have fifty-six petroglyphs, and this site is very important for the Huichol people as well. 

Chacala Restaurants

If you are wondering where to eat on your Chacala visit, you will find plenty of charming restaurants. Chico’s Restaurant is a popular restaurant that is known for its Pescado Sarandeado, Aguachile, fresh oysters, and Pata de Mula. Next, La Onda Restaurant is also a popular restaurant and known for their artisanal beers. This is a family owned and operated business that is open for breakfast and lunch only. If you will be eating lunch at the La Onda Restaurant, make sure you try their sourdough pizzas. They are homemade and you can choose between thick or thin crust. Pizzas also go great with a fresh salad and a glass of wine. Their Jalapeno Cheese bread is also a top choice, then for dessert you can try their homemade cinnamon rolls. 

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