The Villa Group Timeshare Scam

I get regular questions about the risk of timeshare scams and how to avoid them. It seems that the fame of timeshare companies in the 90s has still left a scar on the genuine timeshare market. However, the good news is that nowadays it is very rare to be involved in a timeshare scam when purchasing directly from a renowned vacation club or timeshare company; the danger arises when you dabble in resales or approach cancellation lawyers.

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The Potential for a Villa Group Timeshare Scam

Fortunately, the potential for a Villa Group timeshare scam is pretty minimal, in fact non existent if you deal directly with the Villa Group Timeshare. As I mentioned previously, the true danger of timeshare scams come with resales or when dealing with dubious timeshare attorneys who claim they can cancel your timeshare for hefty fees. The good news is that if you have come to this page looking for reassurance about Villa Group timeshare scams, then you have come to the right blog.

How do I know that Villa Group Timeshare is not a scam?

The Villa Group’s reputation speaks for itself. This timeshare company that operates various resorts in beach destinations in Mexico is one of the pioneering vacation ownership companies in Mexico. The Villa Group boasts over 3 decades providing vacation ownership services and resort development. With such a long standing history, the chances of a Villa Group timeshare scam are highly unlikely. One of the greatest benefits of joining the Villa Group is that it remains a relatively small company in comparison to the timeshare giants who see you as a number not a member, and as such, you receive a personal experience where you are made to feel like you have become part of the family.

What kinds of Villa Group timeshare scams do I need to beware?

As previously mentioned, there is no scam with Villa Group directly. However, you should beware resale scams of Villa Group products as well as bogus sellers who might try to sell you Villa Group products at locations other than a Villa Group resort. The trick is to only purchase directly from the Villa Group and the chances of a scam are zero!

The Villa Group Timeshare Resorts

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