The Villa Group Timeshare: Preferred Access

The Villa Group Timeshare Preferred Access is an exchange program focused on bringing greater flexibility, greater choice and greater ease to your vacations. It is the most recent addition to the Villa Group’s wide range of options to keep the timeshare industry evolving and meeting the ever changing needs of its clients.

What is Preferred Access?

The Villa Group’s Preferred Access scheme enables timeshare owners to easily swap their week for points, which they can then use in exchange for another property in a different location. Your timeshare week is valued against certain criteria such as age of resort, type of accommodation, season etc and then you are allocated a point value that you can exchange for another destination.

The advantages of Preferred Access is that you become more flexible and can decided to spend your vacation time in a different way every year. Many people find that a fixed timeshare is perfect for the majority of their vacations, especially when tied into vacation dates dictated by work commitments, but eventually want to try something a little different. The Villa Group Preferred Access allows you to take advantage of your initial investment and transform it to suit your current needs.

With Villa Group Timeshare Preferred Access you can exchange your points for any of the amazing resorts within The Villa Group Timeshare inventory, which allows you to visit Mexico’s top destinations. However, Villa Group Preferred Access also enables you to become a member of its affiliated companies such as Interval International, where you can exchange your timeshare week for destinations throughout the world, as well as for cruise vacations. The other advantage of joining a vacation club are the discounts and benefits that they offer members.


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  1. Think about this; If timeshares were good enough, Why would any resort give you a tour and a free breakfast to get you to attend their sales presentation?

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