Villa Group Timeshare & Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Have you read negative information about timeshares and the Mexican Timeshare Solutions Company? In case you didn’t know, the Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a fake and fraudulent timeshare cancellation company that scams innocent victims to make money. One of their favorite things to do is to discredit award winning resorts such as the Villa Group Resorts in Mexico. Before you let yourself get scammed, you should always research any company you plan to do business with. What is the difference between the Villa Group Timeshare and Mexican Timeshare Solutions? Continue to read below to learn:

  • Villa Group Timeshare & Mexican Timeshare Solutions

What is the difference between the Villa Group Timeshare & Mexican Timeshare Solutions? The Villa Group is a genuine vacation ownership provider and Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a scammer who claims they can cancel a vacation ownership membership for people that are not interested in keeping their membership anymore. Mexican Timeshare Solutions instills fear in people, and they will say anything to discreet legitimate companies in order to make more money. If they were an honest company, their business would close. It’s a fact that vacation ownership memberships are a wise investment. This is why the Mexican Timeshare Solutions does everything they can to make people think that the Villa Group and other genuine resort providers are scams. Unsuspecting victims that believe them are in fact scammed themselves.

  • Villa Group Timeshares & Mexican Timeshare Solutions Operations

The fact is, vacation club memberships with any genuine vacation club provider such as the Villa Group only allow their memberships to be cancelled during the “cooling off” period. The cooling off period is usually 5-14 days once you sign your contract. The Mexican Timeshare Solutions sales agents will lie and try to convince people that they can legally cancel their membership, which is false. The only way to cancel a vacation ownership membership is to do it within the cooling off or the rescission period. Once it has passed, no cancellation company, attorney, or anyone else can cancel the legally binding contract and membership.

  • Is Villa Group Resorts Timeshare a Scam?

If you heard that the Villa Group Resorts timeshare is a scam, then that is false and usually a dishonest company like Mexican Timeshare Solutions is the one spreading this inaccurate information about Villa Group Resorts. The fact is, the Villa Group provides vacation ownership memberships that are genuine and incredible investments. The Villa Group Resorts has over 30 years in the industry, and the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) has recognized the Villa Group Resorts as a top resort provider. Villa Group Resorts provides their members with nine amazing and luxurious resorts in 5 of the top Mexican destinations. Purchasing a membership with the Villa Group Resorts is an amazing investment for all of your future vacations. Thousands of happy members can’t be wrong. Villa Group Resorts is an honest, trustworthy, and reputable vacation solution that will provide you with vacations that are consistently great.

  • Timeshare Membership Vacation Destinations

If you invest in a Villa Group vacation club membership and you are wanting to know where you can vacation at, you will be pleased to know that the Villa Group has luxurious and elegant resort properties in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and the Islands of Loreto. The resort names are: Villa del Palmar (Cabo San Lucas), Villa del Arco (Cabo San Lucas), Villa del Palmar (Cancun), Villa del Palmar (Islands of Loreto), Villa del Mar (Puerto Vallarta), Villa del Palmar (Puerto Vallarta), and the Villa del Palmar Flamingos (Riviera Nayarit). Each of these amazing beach resorts are well furnished and they all have plenty of space in the suites. There are so many onsite amenities with each resort such as multiple swimming pools, soothing spas, a variety of restaurants, and perfectly lush and tropical landscaping. The accommodation choices are: one, two, and three-bedroom suites, and sophisticated penthouses. Would you like to become a valued member with the Villa Group? It is easy to do. You can contact the Villa Group, then you need to sign up for the sales presentation and tour at the resort destination of your choice. You can become a proud vacation ownership member with the Villa Group once your presentation has ended.

In conclusion, you have just learned the differences between the Villa Group & Mexican Timeshare Solutions. You should always beware of Mexican Timeshare Solutions as they are a fraudulent cancellation company that is just trying to scam you.

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