Vacation Rentals or Hotel?

A common dilemma people face when planning their vacations is whether to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment. What many do not think about is that a timeshare rental could be a great compromise and one that will save you money and offer you even more benefits.

Staying in a hotel will certainly offer all the creature comforts, restaurants, room service, gym and spa centers and so forth. Many people are simply looking for the most hassle-free option. When you rent a house or an apartment you will gain privacy but the pool is likely to be much smaller, no spa and certainly no room service. The great thing about renting a timeshare that is located on a resort is that you have home from home living but with all the advantages and services of a hotel.

Size is a key component in any decision between hotel room and vacation rental. Hotel rooms are notoriously small and few have any facilities for cooking. Vacation rentals, whether or not a timeshare will guarantee a kitchen and all that you need to prepare your own meals and entertain in your apartment. You can also fit more members of a family into a timeshare or vacation rental – hotel rooms generally have a limited capacity.

Another factor to think about are the extra taxes that are added to hotel fees in most countries. It would be worth looking into the final costs before making a decision between a hotel room and a vacation rental. Usually, renting is more cost effective.

What are the Advantages of Vacation Rentals?

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