Trading Power Advantages

Flexibility, Ease and Peace of Mind

The term ‘Trading Power’ was coined by RCI, a world renowned vacation exchange company, to describe the exchange value of your timeshare when it is added to their inventory, on in their terms, ‘deposited’. RCI is the world’s biggest vacation exchange service and has agreements with the most recognized brands in the leisure and tourism industry.

Your Trading Power calculation is intended to ensure like for like exchanges according to certain criteria such as type of timeshare, location, supply and demand, amongst other elements. There are ways of improving your Trading Power score, such as depositing your property early, which helps you accrue a higher value.

So, how does Trading Power work?

When you become a member of RCI and intend to swap your timeshare weeks, you will first have to add your property to their inventory so to speak, which they call ‘depositing’. Your timeshare will then we assigned a value depending on the following: classification, demand, supply, utilization, size and type of unit, season, location, comment card scores and how far in advance you deposit.

In order to increase the value of your exchange, the earlier you deposit, the greater your score. Timeshares deposited less than 9 months before you wish to travel receive less points. You can deposit with RCI up to 2 years in advance, so between 2 years and 9 months is the best time to add your property.

What is the purpose of Trading Power?

The main objective is to be able to match your timeshare with another property of equal value, and to give you flexibility. You can use your Trading Power credit towards any property of the same or less value, as well as allow your credit to carry over, whereby you can add your credit to another deposit at a later date and take a vacation in a property, location or seasons that would otherwise be of a higher value than your timeshare. For example, certain locations have higher values, as do key holiday dates and high seasons.

How to take advantage of your Trading Power?

Deposit your timeshare as early as possible, and definitely before the 9 months period before you want to travel. This also gives you more time to scout for the deals that you want in the places that you desire.

Trading properties that are high in demand, or swapping dates that everyone wants, like school vacations and thanksgiving, can give you a higher Trading Power that you can use towards a more luxurious property than the one you own.

In short, Trading Power allows you the flexibility to exchange the calculated value of your timeshare for what matters to you, whether that be the time you spend on vacation, the dates your travel, the kind of property you stay in or the location you visit. Flexibility is the order of the day!


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