Top Tips to Save Money on your Cabo San Lucas Vacation

Save money on your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and return more frequently! Everyone wants to spend less on their vacation, but the key is to save money without sacrificing quality and first class experiences. For visitors from the United States and Canada, Cabo San Lucas is a cheap option in comparison with other tropical destinations such as Hawaii, Seychelles and the South Pacific. Flights are cheap and regular for a start!

The greatest savings on Cabo San Lucas vacations come when you plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to find the best deals. Flights to Cabo are reasonable by any standards, but with a little forward planning you can enjoy the best airplane deals with budget airlines and chartered flights. Save a couple hundred dollars on flights and that can be an ungraded room in a hotel! Likewise, the dates that you choose can affect the price greatly, so always shop around and experiment with dates.

Hotels and resorts always have special offers, so why not sign up to a newsletter at one of your favorite chains and wait to see what packages and deals come up. There are frequently offers such as kids go free or 3rd night for a dollar etc. For more impressive discounts, you could always agree to attend a timeshare presentation and take advantage of a try and buy type package. Some online agents such as Discount Vacation Hotels and Todaygetaway offer incredible discounts if you qualify, some up to 80%.

Choosing between All Inclusive and European Plan can also make a big difference in your budget. If you are likely to spend most of your time on site at the resort and do not have kitchen facilities in your room, an all inclusive plan may work out cheaper and less stressful. Big eaters and drinkers will also benefit from an all inclusive plan in Cabo San Lucas. If you like to eat out in the gourmet restaurants in Cabo, then European Plan may be cheaper, or in some resorts you can combine the two and buy an all inclusive meal plan for a limited time, say three days.

Once you are in Cabo San Lucas, help keep your costs down by giving yourself a daily budget for spending, that way you will avoid returning home with a huge credit card bill. Where possible use cash to keep track of what you have spent. There will be lots of opportunities to buy wonderful Mexican arts, crafts and jewelry, so make sure you learn to haggle to save a little money.

A luxury beach vacation in Cabo San Lucas does not have to be a once in a lifetime expense, Cabo is a place that you can afford to visit regularly if you administer your spending and take advantage of great resort and flight discounts.

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