Top 8 Benefits of Being a Villa del Palmar Timeshare Member

If you’re considering a timeshare investment and want to know what the benefits of a Villa del Palmar timeshare membership are then you’re in the right place. Here are the top 8 benefits of Villa del Palmar timeshare!

Top 8 Benefits of Being a Villa del Palmar Timeshare Member

  • Top Value for Money at Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Most reviews mention the great value for money that the Villa del Palmar brand offers; the company pride itself on making quality and luxury affordable!

  • Reputable Company

The benefits of being with such an experienced and prestigious timeshare provider are endless, but one of the biggest is the peace of mind it offers, knowing that you are not walking into a scam!

  • Flexible Membership

The ability to change your dates, location and accommodation types from year to year is a great thing made possible by the Villa del Palmar’s points based system! Villa del Palmar believes that the customer is king so flexibility is a must!

  • Redeem Points for Services

Part of the Villa del Palmar timeshare points based system is a feature that allows you to put unused points towards services such as all-inclusive meal plans and spa treatments. This level of freedom is a key part of Villa del Palmar timeshare membership.

  • Visit Other Locations in Mexico

Being part of a chain of resorts, the Villa del Palmar timeshare brand is able to offer its members the wonderful benefit of staying in other locations. When you become a member you can visit any of the resorts from Cancun to Puerto Vallarta, to the Island of Loreto to Cabo san Lucas!

  • Access to Interval International

Your Villa del Palmar timeshare membership is accepted by Interval International, which means that you can use your points to gain access to accommodations all around the world!

  • Bank and Borrow Villa del Palmar timeshare Points

The flexibility of the points system knows no bounds; not only can you use them to purchase services, but you can bank or borrow them. This means that if you are unable to take a vacation for a few years you can save all those points to have a really special vacation when you’re able to. You could also prepare for special occasions by being frugal and saving extra points. Alternatively if you find yourself in need of extra points at short notice you can borrow them and pay it back in the future.

  • Ever Growing Company

The Villa del Palmar timeshare brand is ever growing. As the business expands you will benefit; as new resorts are developed you will gain access to them as well as pre-existing ones. You will also benefit from the continuous improvement of service that comes with any membership!

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