Timeshare, Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings

What does timeshare, Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings Foundation have in common? Well, the Villa Group timeshare company is one of the main patrons and supporters of the Eagle’s Wings Foundation, alongside Universal Vacation Club International (UVCI). The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is a charity that supports projects in Mexico, namely in those areas where the Villa Group operates its timeshare resorts.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation is a non-profit organization that was intended to give Universal Vacation Club International members owning Villa Group timeshare the opportunity to give back to those communities where they enjoy their vacations each year. In this way, the Eagle’s Wings Foundation accepts donations and volunteering from Villa Group timeshare members as well as organizes fundraising events where members can take part and contribute.

Timeshare, Villa Group and Eagle’s Wings also work together to raise money through the Eagle’s Wings bazaar. Items that are still in good condition are donated by the Villa Group’s hotels, Villa del Palmar resorts, and sold at low costs. The intention is two-fold. On the one hand, the Eagle’s Wings bazaar gives the local community the chance to buy good quality items like mattresses, microwaves, toasters etc at low prices while raising money for the other projects that the Eagle’s Wings Foundation runs.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation runs a number of interactive projects, working in conjunction with local charities that have a more acute idea where the money should be directed. Some of these projects include scholarships, school supplies, direct financial aid, support for orphanages and so on. A board of between 9 and 12 governors vote on where the funds raised by the Eagle’s Wings Foundation should go.

The Eagle’s Wings Foundation was one of the first of its kind bringing philanthropy to the timeshare industry and giving timeshare members the chance to contribute effectively to the poorest communities in the vacation destinations where they visit.

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