Should You Sell your Timeshare?

Ultimately only you know if you really need or want to sell your timeshare. However, as timeshare resales can take some time and patience, it is worth looking at some of the options before selling your timeshare unit.

Reasons to sell your timeshare:

My financial situation has changed

You may find yourself temporarily with a lower income and yearly vacations are not an option. Firstly remember that your economic low will not be forever and you may live to regret giving up your investment. Also, selling your timeshare is not the only option, you could rent or lend the unit to family members or friends who would cover the costs of maintenance. That way, when you are able to take vacations once again, you still have your property. You might also opt to bank your week with a vacation club like Interval International or RCI and take a vacation every two years.

I want to visit different places

Returning to the same resort every year is not always for everyone. However, once you have a timeshare, it would be much wiser for you to exchange your week for another destination rather than sell your timeshare. You can do this through your timeshare operator if they have a number of resorts or join a vacation club where you can exchange your timeshare week for points that you can then use towards vacations in other destinations worldwide.

I have just got divorced and no longer want my timeshare

It may be that your timeshare holds a lot of emotional significance for you that you would like to forget. In those cases, once again, it makes little financial sense to sell your timeshare and you would be better off exchanging your unit using a vacation club. If you have to pay off your spouse for half of the timeshare, why not rent the unit for a few years rather than selling it, slowly paying off the difference.

I inherited my timeshare

Before selling your timeshare, it is well worth trying it out for at least one week to make for certain that it will not be of benefit to you. Most people will find it makes financial sense to keep the timeshare, especially if you have not had to pay the initial cost of the unit.


2 thoughts on “Should You Sell your Timeshare?

  1. Selling a timeshare can be extremely difficult, almost impossible, even when the price will be much lower than the original purchase price.

  2. It is not a secret that economy is getting tough, and everybody is more conscious about the value of money. Prices increase very constantly, and the importance of economize is now huge. The tough economy affects everyone, and timeshare owners are not the exception. As a result of this, a big number of timeshare owners would like to get rid of their vacation properties because of the annual fees they have to pay, thereby, many of them decide to put their timeshares up for sale. Being desperate to dump their ownerships, at the present time is possible to buy a little “piece of heaven” in a paradisiacal destination just for a few bucks; it would only take to look for an eBay timeshare for sale for you to see what we mean.

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