Recommended Parks in and Around Cabo San Lucas

With different parks to choose from in Cabo San Lucas, there will always be a park suited for your vacation needs. Whether you are a beach addict, a plant lover or a bird watcher, Cabo San Lucas has the best parks for you to admire.

Cabo Vacation


If you are looking for a serene place and just simply want some space where you can read a book, then go to the Wirikuta Botanical Park. Feel the freshness of the air as you are surrounded by a million different plant varieties. See the rare desert plants and cacti and marvel on how extraordinary they look like. The landscape is really marvelous and exploring it with rented bicycles add some adventure to it. Generally quiet and recommended for people who want to do some soul searching and deep thinking, the verdant greenery all over the place will surely give you peace of mind away from your daily hassles.


Since town square is near Cabo’s downtown, it will not take long enough for you to reach it. You can take a lazy walk or ride a bicycle. Great for a little family day out. Take some food and eat a picnic together beneath huge trees which give you some shade against the sun’s heat. There are also some small restaurants around the town square where you can have lunch.


This park is one big desert to conquer complete with sand dunes and natural springs. The tour guides here are friendly, courteous and they have a lot of stories to tell about local folklore. Aside from the desert, try mountain hiking. Experience crossing the desert to jungle to climb those mountains. The Desert Park provides adventure trips you and your family will treasure forever.


A delightful protected marine park where you can explore the undersea wonders of the deep by snorkeling and diving, or float upon its surface kayaking and paddleboarding. The clear water opens you to the world of colorful corals beneaths. From here you might also arrange a whale watching trip in the winter months to catch sight of humpback whales and dolphins.


Recognized as a State Ecological Reserve, the San Jose’s Bird Sanctuary is a refuge for migratory birds and other wildlife. There is a hiking trail that links this park to the beach resorts on the Malecon. You will see almost all kinds of birds including some rare and endangered ones. Sunrise and sunsets are dramatic, but best appreciated when you visit during daytime when all the birds are actively alive and flying all over.

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