Reasons Why You Should Take a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Mexico is a popular vacation destination for vacationers, because of the warm weather and beautiful sunshine. United States and Canada residents enjoy vacationing in Mexico, because the ride on the plane isn’t very long, and the tickets are affordable. However, I bet you had no clue that taking a vacation in the warm, beautiful sunny Mexico could be have health benefits!

Reasons Why You Should Take a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  1. Sunshine Improves Health
  2. Vitamin D has been known for decades as being excellent for improving health. Calcium will keep bones strong and healthy, and you get calcium from Vitamin D. Vitamin D also boosts the immune system along with reducing high blood pressure, which, left unattended, can cause a heart attack. What does this have in common with taking a vacation to Mexico? Mexico’s vacation destinations on its coastal cities have nearly 300 days of sunshine each year, and sunshine is also known as nature’s natural Vitamin D. When Vitamin D is absorbed into the skin from the suns ray, then you get natural Vitamin D. A few of the top cities to vacation in Mexico are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun, because you can lay on the beach and get your natural Vitamin D supplement. You can improve your health with just sunshine.

  3. A Thankful Skin
  4. Mexico’s cities on the coast are perfect for the skin, because of the sunshine and humid weather. This type of climate will turn your skin from being drab and dull into a glowing, healthy skin, and this can occur in just one or two days. One thing to remember is not to burn while in the sun, but just a brief tan. It will be great for your skin, and you won’t have to wear blush or any other cosmetics with your tan. One benefit of being in the hot, humid weather is you will drink more water and fluids, which is a natural way to flush all harmful toxins from your body. Removing the toxins will provide a nice complexion and skin tone. Your skin will be thankful.

  5. Happiness Comes with Traveling
  6. The International Society for Quality of Life did a research, and came up with this statement, “A vacation that is relaxing will provide happiness months before the vacation is taken”. Why, you might ask? Just knowing your vacation is approaching will raise the levels of endorphins in your body, which makes you happy, and puts a smile on every vacationer’s face. Knowing you are going on vacation to Mexico is a great way to bring happiness, because of the scenery provided in Mexico. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers really benefit from vacationing in Mexico, because of the sunshine. Winter months decrease serotonin levels in SAD sufferers, because of the reduced hours of daylight.

  7. Relax on Vacation
  8. Relaxing on vacation can be done with ease in Mexico, because you can leave all the hectic work demands behind, and you won’t have to check any stressful emails. When you allow your body to relax on vacation, then you will relieve your body from anxiety, stress, and worry, which is effective in keeping your immune system in check. Many people notice that while they are on vacation they are more active, because Mexico has so many activities to do that are fun, and you won’t even realize you are physically active. Mexico vacationers can paddleboard, surf, run down the beach, swim, and so much more. You will relax when you are done with your physical activities, which is great for your health and body.

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