Q. Is The Villa Group Timeshare Worth the Money?

Q. Is The Villa Group Timeshare Worth the Money?

A. There are many things to consider when giving advice about whether a product is value for money or not. You need to think about your vacation habits, the initial cost of the timeshare, the possibility of fraud and the quality and location of the product itself. In the case of The Villa Group’s timeshare products, the quick and easy answer is YES, but let’s take a look at why The Villa Group timeshares are worth the money.

Firstly, buying a timeshare with The Villa Group is a safe venture; you can be sure they will not run off with your money and leave you with a half finished property. The Villa Group Resorts are close to celebrating three decades creating vacation homes and look strong to make it through the next thirty years too. Buying with a reputable company is certainly worth the money.

Secondly, the quality of the products The Villa Group develops is exceptional in terms of location, design, size of accommodations and resort amenities. You may think you are just buying an individual timeshare unit, but in doing so you are also investing in a resort that provides, a world class spa, a state of the art fitness center, gourmet restaurants, large pools, room service etc. The Villa Group only develops resorts in the safest, most beautiful destinations that have the potential to continue to delight visitors for many years to come.

The timeshare accommodations sold by The Villa Group are incredibly well designed and large enough to live in. Even the more economical units are spacious and most include fully equipped kitchens and areas for dining. Being able to cook in your timeshare unit means that you can save money on your vacations in more ways than one – preparing meals can reduce your spending on restaurants and takeaway food.

Finally, when you purchase a timeshare with The Villa Group you are able to take advantage of exchanging your property for other locations within the family of resorts though a scheme called Villa Preferred Access. Likewise, you are given the chance of becoming a member of Interval International, which exchanges The Villa Group timeshare properties for destinations and even cruises worldwide. Now if that’s not value for money, I don’t know what is!


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  1. With this struggling economy, it is better for us to think on what is best for our pocket. Before taking any hasty decision, it is important to compare all the possible options and not to let us be dazzled by the first timeshare deals we see.

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