Puerto Vallarta’s Best Beach Rental Advice

Finding a beach rental in Puerto Vallarta is fairly easy, especially if you are happy to rent to the north and south of Vallarta. From tip to tip, Banderas Bay, of which Puerto Vallarta is the center, is one of the biggest bays in the world with golden sandy beaches to tempt tourists, vacation owners and locals alike.

There are many kinds of beach rental on offer in Puerto Vallarta: for high end vacationers there are many luxury mansions or fractional ownership penthouses in the top resorts which can be reserved on line or via direct contact with residence clubs. You may also wish to consult a rental agent if you are looking for something in particular or in a specific part of Puerto Vallarta. For mid-range accommodations you can choose from a number of condos located by or near the beach that are located in downtown Puerto Vallarta or to the south. In this range, you may consider renting a timeshare unit to be able to take advantage of the best beaches in Puerto Vallarta. For those traveling on a lower budget, beach rentals can work out quite expensive and you would probably be best to shop around and consult a number of rental agents.

Timeshare Beach Rental

An option that is often not considered by those looking to rent in Puerto Vallarta is timeshare. This works on both accounts. Firstly, you can probably find a great deal renting a timeshare unit in Puerto Vallarta and will be able to enjoy all the benefits of timeshare ownership such as larger accommodations (frequently with kitchens) and access to first class resort facilities and services. Likewise, if you like to rent apartments when you take a vacation you may consider joining a vacation club or buying into a timeshare points scheme where you can use your points for timeshare rentals throughout the world.

Agent of Direct Owner Rental

Renting beach property in any part of the world can be tricky, especially if you have never visited the destination. Puerto Vallarta is lucky in that there are lots of reputable rental agents that can find you all sorts of beach rentals. Even so, you need to make sure you have a valid contract before sending any money, which is usually 50% deposit when you reserve. A reputable agent will save you a lot of hassle with owners, especially if they do not speak English and your Spanish is poor or non existent. Renting direct from the owner can, however, work out a little cheaper but you are on your own if anything goes wrong.



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