What should I pack for my vacation to Mexico?

Planning your vacation to Mexico is probably one of the fun things you have on your “to do” list, and deciding what to take with you to Mexico will depend on what kind of vacation you are planning. For example, planning for your vacation to Mexico for a beach getaway will require less strategic packing in comparison to packing for a backpacking tour. Take a look at some key pointers below about what to bring with you on vacation to Mexico.

What should I pack for my vacation to Mexico’s beach destinations?

If you are planning a one or two week vacation to one of Mexico’s beach destination like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or Cabo San Lucas, for example, there is no real panic if you forget something. There are plenty of stores, supermarkets and pharmacies where you are bound to find what you need. The most fun way to pack for a beach vacation to Mexico is to arrive with a light suitcase, so you can fill it with souvenirs, brand new beach towels, sundresses and T-shirts as reminders of your fabulous vacation to Mexico.

What should I pack for my vacation to Mexico Backpacking?

The trick for a backpacking vacation to Mexico is to ensure that you bring as little as possible, yet covering all types of weather conditions. The beach destinations in Mexico are hot and humid, while further north and in the mountainous regions you will require warmer clothing. The best solution is to wear layers and bring waterproof clothes that can act as a windshield too, but don’t forget your swimsuit! You are also likely to need decent walking shoes or hiking boots as well as a pair of flipflops for the beach and for showering in communal showers or hostels. Bring a towel (preferably two small towels) or a travel towel as most hostels and cheap hotels will not provide towels or soap.

Essential items to pack for your vacation to Mexico

Here are a few essential things you might want to consider bringing from home on your vacation to Mexico whether visiting the beach or backpacking:

  • Enough supply of any regular medication for your entire trip (inhalers, EpiPens etc) – you cannot guarantee that you will find the exact medication that you require in Mexico, so it is best to be prepared.
  • Books and magazines written in English or a tablet – books and magazines in English can be quite expensive in the tourist areas and difficult to find in other parts of Mexico.
  • Sun protection creams for allergies – If you have allergies to certain sunblocks, you are advised to bring a brand from home that you know will not react to your skin.

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