Misleading Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

There are many misleading complaints about timeshare; Villa del Palmar timeshare is not the only reputable company to be targeted by false and misleading complaints. I have provided a list of the top misleading Villa del Palmar Timeshare complaints below.

Villa del Palmar Timeshare suffers from the worst reputation because it is a scam.

NOT TRUE: With more than thirty years in the industry, Villa del Palmar timeshare is one of the most trusted and reputable timeshare memberships in Mexico. It is not a scam.

The presentations with Villa del Palmar are way too long.

NOT TRUE: When the sales agent sets up the timeshare presentations with couples to visit Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts, the couples know in advance how long the presentations will be. The presentations will not go beyond the time that has been agreed. Couples may decide after the presentation to stick around the resort to see more of it though, which is their choice.

Villa del Palmar timeshare sales agents are rude and pushy.

NOT TRUE: The sales agents do not use rude tactics or hardcore measures to ensure a timeshare membership sale. The Villa del Palmar Timeshare will speak for itself, so the sales agents don’t have to use these unprofessional measures.

Villa del Palmar timeshare maintenance fees are too high.

NOT TRUE: The maintenance fees are no higher than the normal industry standards. Many thousands of timeshare members use their timeshare each year, which shows you that the maintenance fees are not too high.

There is no cooling-off period for cancellations.

NOT TRUE: The cooling off period is explained to people who purchase Villa del Palmar timeshare. Buyers can clearly read about the cooling off period in their timeshare contract.

Exchanging for other Mexican destinations is difficult.

NOT TRUE: Exchanging for other Mexico destinations is not difficult as long as you have timeshare points to cover the exchange for Mexico resorts with Villa del Palmar Timeshare. Members can also bank timeshare points or borrow timeshare points if they are wanting to reserve accommodations at Mexico resorts with Villa del Palmar Timeshare.

Other Villa del Palmar Timeshare complaints are that sale agents lie to close sales

NOT TRUE: This is totally false. The sales agents selling Villa del Palmar timeshare are fully trained professionals that do not lie nor do they have a bad reputation. If any of the sales agents are caught lying, then they will face disciplinary actions immediately.

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