Find Legitimate Timeshare Solutions

Timeshares are a great way to get great value vacations in the long-run; when you become a timeshare member with a legitimate timeshare company, you gain access to some of the best resorts in some of the most loved tourist hotspots across the world. A great membership will be full of great timeshare solutions. A timeshare might not suit everyone, but no one can deny that they offer a great experience to those it does.

Buying Fixed Week Timeshares

The first type of timeshare solution offered to consumers were fixed week timeshares. At first timeshare memberships were structured to allow members to vacation for a set period, at a set time, in a specific suite each and every year. This was perfectly suited to the average working family 30 or 40 years ago as they often had the same two week vacation period every single year. As times moved, however, and more flexibility was required timeshares had to develop and reputable companies sought alternative timeshare solutions.

Buying Floating Week Timeshares

The progression to floating weeks was a natural one for many timeshare companies; by allowing members to move their weeks about a certain seasonal period, for example summer, timeshare companies allowed their customers more flexibility. Even so, many members wanted an even more flexible timeshare solution.

Points Based Vacation Clubs

Flexibility has become king in recent years, and so timeshare providers have developed their models of operation accordingly, finding the most suitable timeshare solutions. These days, the points based system is the most common amongst the top timeshare companies. This model allows members to use the points they buy to book time in accommodations when it suits them, and very often where it suits them as many companies allow members access to their whole roster of resorts.

The benefits of Points Based timeshare solutions are many, but the most obvious is that you can plan vacations around your year rather than vice versa. If you need to take two short vacations one year rather than a single long one you can. If you’d rather have many weekend getaways you can have them. If you want a short time in top notch suites, or a long time in a basic unit you can have it. It’s all about the needs of the member with a points based system.

In fact, many providers now allow their members to use their points for treatments, services, and all-inclusive meal plans too.

Exchange Companies can also provide additional timeshare solutions

Exchange networks like RCI and Interval International have gain popularity in recent years. Organizations like these allow you to get the most out of a timeshare membership by offering the chance to exchange your points for time in destinations across the world. When so much is on offer you’re unlikely to get bored of your membership, and better yet it means that all your future vacations are essentially paid for already.

Timeshare Cancellation Services are Not legitimate timeshare solutions

The timeshare industry has, sadly, been the focus of scammers looking for a quick buck. As regulation has tightened and laws have been put in place to protect the consumer scammers have begun to focus on those people who already have timeshare memberships. They claim to offer cancellation and refund solutions to those looking to get rid of their timeshare memberships. Do not believe timeshare cancellation agents if they approach you offering timeshare solutions; most often they don’t even attempt to cancel the membership, they simply levy a large fee and disappear… leaving the member in debt and trouble.

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