Exploring the Marina in Cabo San Lucas

The Marina refers to the waterfront area in Cabo San Lucas where luxury yachts moor and from where you can take tours and water taxis. All kinds of fun establishments can be found here, including specialty shops, boutiques and restaurants, which can all be enjoyed while taking in the stunning views of the surrounding beauty. A perfect place to relax and watch different scenarios like the passing of fishing boats, the anchoring of luxury yachts, and busy people doing their thing. The Marina in Cabo San Lucas is such an ideal place for everyone to enjoy when on a trip to Mexico’s bustling Baja California.

The Highlights of Cabo San Lucas’ Marina

The Marina used to be a fishing port and an old cannery, where traditional fishing boats were moored. Today, it’s a vibrant place full of life and activities. Several private entities offer exciting tours and expeditions which you and your family will surely enjoy. The Cabo Dolphins company has among its tours an exciting swim with dolphins adventure. For some outdoor adventures like parasailing, helmet diving and one peculiar activity called snuba, which is a mixture of scuba diving and snorkeling, Cabo Expeditions is the place to visit. One can visit its office at the Marina and make necessary arrangements of your chosen adventure. Exploration of the nearby El Arco landmark is also possible in the Marina using charter boats and water taxis.

Dining Options

Dining Options are many in Cabo San Lucas Marina, and seafood specialties take the limelight here. The Sea of Cortez is fondly called the “Aquarium of the World” and you will sure try delicious seafood fare here. This is the reason why many restaurants in the Marina are known to serve the most sumptuous fish dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. You can fish for yourself and ask most restaurants to cook and serve it for you. One local restaurant that is famous in whipping up a great meal is the traditional Lorenzillo. Its lobster dishes are tourist favorites. The Solomons Landing and the Baja Lobster Company are two up and coming names worth trying. Just take some time to walk around the Marina and peruse the menus until you find something that appeals at your budget.

A Round or Two

The Cabo San Lucas Marina houses many famed bars and restaurants that aside from offering the best wines and liquors, they’re strategically located to give you great views of the marina. The fine weather complements the overall set-up and gives the much desired “drinking ambience”. Those wishing to experience rock and roll fun with delicious meals, then the Barometro is the place to be. A venue for the adventurous ones is the Nowhere Bar, where a Ladies Night Promotion makes it popular, plus the loquacious and entertaining DJs add wild fun to the scene. For a formal dining experience and a set of world class wines, then Senor Sweets has it.

Shopping Pleasure

Shopaholics have their peace of heaven here at the Marina in Cabo San Lucas. The Marina Golden Zone has been teeming with enthusiastic shoppers because of the buying opportunities presented by specialty stores and high end boutiques. The Puerto Paraiso Mall offers a variety of items and so is the nearby Avenue boutique complex. The Puerto Paraiso serves as a landmark because of its high rise tower that’s visible even from afar.

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